Save Me

Um, I just really want to say that I love your blog! I was wandering if you could do a personal Ashley imagine (my name’s Kloie and I have short burgundy hair and blue eyes. I’m also pretty short) but I’m a photographer and one day after a photo shoot with BVB I stay late to organize the pics and as I leave someone tries to rape me but I do a pretty good job at fighting him off until he throws me against a wall. Ashley sees before anything happens and beats the crap out of him. And the fluff?

“Okay guys, enough for today!”, you called out from behind your camera and peaked your head to the side, grinning at your friends from Black Veil Brides. CC let out an exhausted yet happy sigh as he trotted to were he put down his clothes and put on his jacket.

“I thought we were never going to finish”, he said. “What time is it?”, he asked then and looked at you. “It’s past midnight”, Jake said before you could even look at ypur phone. “Way past your bedtime”, Andy grinned at CC cheekily which earned him a half-hearted glare from the drummer. “Really funny”, a yawn fell from CC’s lips, making Andy grin even wider as he shook his head.

You turned off the camera and most of the lights, which were needed to take the pictures, before you turned back to your laptop which was right next to the camera, standing on a little table. “The pictures are really good”, you said loudly and smiled at the guys. “Because we have a really good photographer”, Ashley said and winked at him playfully, making you blush slightly.

After you all said your goodbye’s, the guys immediately left, leaving you alone in the big building. Only the janitor was still there, cleaning the floors. His name was Brian and he was actually quite nice, but sometimes he was a little creepy. You caught him staring at you through the glass door of your studio more than once, but never told anyone about it.

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This was the first year we did the Michigan Epilepsy Foundation Summer Stroll - it’s only been a year since Kloie was diagnosed with epilepsy.  For our first year, we managed to get 39 members on our team and raise almost $1200.  I am pretty damn proud of us for our first time out.  I already have ideas for next year.  The foundation raised over $100,000 yesterday.  We also ran into the woman who was our nurse in the ER on the day that Kloie had her first seizures.  She told us that she thinks about her all the time and she introduced us to one of the people that ran the event and she was so touched by our story.  I can’t wait for next year, I want to go bigger and do even more than we did this year.