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Pro Russian separatists are not allowing investigators on the MH17 crash site!!

My fingers are itching to write this. Have you ever felt furious from the inner core of your soul? Not hate but fury?

On Thursday the 17th of July a combined KLM/Malaysian airline flight MH17 possibly got shot down by a rocket missile. This flight contained people who were either going on a vacation, a business trip or going back home to their families. What I am really trying to say is that this airplane was filled with people who had absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Now this is what makes be furious. Pro Russian separatist’s are not allowing investigators on the crash site!!! I’m hearing various stories of them being drunk, plundering, moving bodies, toying with evidence and being aggressive against the investigators so they’ll have to leave. It’s 35 degrees Celsius in Ukraine on that specific location at the moment. And the bodies are just lying there rotting away, because let’s face it, that is the truth what happens the corpse of a deceased human being in extreme heat.

While relatives and friends from the boarded passengers all the over the world, are wondering when they can expect to have their loved ones back home for a proper last greeting. It makes me furious that once again innocent people are the victim over conflicts between two nations. It angers me that apparently they cannot let go of their grudges against each other for just a couple of days to let a team of people at least take care of the deceased and bring them back home where they belong with their families.

I’m afraid that political conflict is going to overrule this whole incident.  

I want to do something about this, but I can’t.

I feel powerless.

I want to call out to the world leaders, people with political power to end this and do something, anything.

I am aware that I’m just a tiny voice in a big world of loudmouths.

And all I can do is write this.

But I just want that:

193 people from The Netherlands

43 people from Malaysia

27 people from Australia

12 people from Indonesia

10 people from the United Kingdom

4 people from Germany

4 people from Belgium

3 people from the Philippines

1 person from Canada

1 person from New Zealand  

 Can be brought home, so that their families can say their proper final goodbye’s.