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my friend sent me the link to one of your recent fanarts and I loved it so much I ended up going through your entire KlK fanart tag and now I don't know what to do with my life

Hey anon! Thanks for checking out my KlK fanart and please tell your friend thanks too for sending you that link! :)

My fanart has changed a lot from when this blog started…I feel shy about some of those earlier works now tbh. ^^;; But the story, characters, and intent behind them hasn’t changed. :) If I didn’t draw all those pictures, I wouldn’t be at this point where I am now both drawing-wise and story-wise. ^^ Please keep an eye out for future blog updates! I hope to keep improving!

And please don’t lose your waaay~! Let’s work hard, stay healthy, and enjoy life! :D


少年蟇郡詰め(捏造注意) by ありおりはべりI don’t read japanese, but the concept of “Mako meeting child!IRA” is SO lovely ! 

She’s like: "Aren’t you cute. OMG, boyfriend!“ *SEES WHITE HAIR* "It’s been decided!!! Here, hug-time!
It’s cute having a boyfriend shorter than you!
Don’t be shy.. *HUGS & 
squeezes his face on her body”Gamagoori blushes and gets big sized by fault. (But he also thinks “Mako-chan said I was cute before”..) Do you still like me?