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What Sharko and Keysmash said. I am here for ALL of the vampire sex. Vampire anything really. What about vampire Rachel AND vampire Sarah killing a man together. Or maybe human Sarah seeking out vampire Rachel again because sex with humans just doesn't do it for her anymore. Or just any scenario in which propunk + vampires + blood = sex

HUMS LOUDLY you’re going to cause me problems

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But even if it is a turning point.. isn’t it in conflict with all the previous episodes? It’s such a sudden turn that- even though it’s wonderful-it’s not .. persuading aka writers you do whatever you want whenever you want it without any consistency

Yes.  But I’m so deep in this that if they fix it and make her consistent from this point out I will just forget that other bullshit and try to forgive her.

Because even that much seems like a pipe dream so hoping for some acknowledgment of the degradation of her character and a promise from her to figure her shit out seems an impossibility.