Hey!! I’m PJ and im an nb autistic lesbian! (She/her or they/them pronouns)
My biggest/most important special interest is sculpture and here r two recent peices I made! I also rlly rlly like rocks from the ocean!!!

I couldn’t take a pic of my stim toys or me stimming bc I’m not at home rn, but my favorite stim toy is the klix fidget from @stimtastic!!

Every day is another step for me embracing, celebrating, and better understanding my autistic self since I realized I was autistic a few years ago! The world may try to kick us down but we stay strong and stay different! I’m proud of and love all of us in the autistic community! We all deserve more understanding, accommodation, and love. Fuck autism$peaks and all it stands for! Happy autism acceptance month everyone!

DopeCheddar proudly introduces: K-lix

 "I believe in a cosmic explosion of the senses through uplifting art.“

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K-lix is a new, upcoming artist from Guatemala whose main influences are hip hop and electronic music.  He is inspired by artists such as Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Blu, A$AP Mob, RL Grime, Boys Noize, Flosstradamus, and Clockwork.  K-lix is a very creative and open minded artist who is currently working on a wide range of different sounding tracks.  He mentioned to us that he has more trap tunes on the way as well as a techno/electro and an electro acid/hardstyle song which he seemed especially excited about releasing.  K-lix hopes "people shit bricks” when that one drops.

What does 2013 have in store for you?

“I’m looking forward to it, stoked bout it..  I want to put as much music out as I can.  Hopefully people will embrace it and I can start playing around the globe, that’s really one of my ultimate goals… destroy dancefloors around the world haha”

K-lix’s impressive use of hard, deep bass perfectly compliments the higher pitched, calm  female vocals in his remix of Starstruck by Elucid & Santigold.  The use of hip hop samples in K-lix’s music exudes his passion for the genre.

K-lix’s new trap track “Lift Up” starts off ambient and calming and is gracefully accented by the use of tight high hats.  It features 2Pac and A$AP Rocky samples, an in your face, popping electronic sound, and a hard hitting, trap shaking bass.

DopeCheddar approves of the 51 minute mixtape: Neptune Tales Vol. 2 Inside The Vortex which, once again, entrancingly blends hip hop samples with filthy bass and exciting electronic melodies.

For more brilliant trap, glitch hop, and electro tracks check out K-lix's soundcloud