A Greek soldier plays the bugle during the Capture of Klisura Pass of the Greco-Italian War. The Greek army was able to stop the Italian invasion of Greece and was able to push the Italians back into Albania, thereby winning one of the first victories for the Allies. The Capture
of Klisura Pass was a military operation that took place during 6-11 January 1941 in southern Albania, and was one of the most important
battles of the Greco-Italian War. The Italian Army, initially deployed on the Greek-Albanian border, launched a major offensive against
Greece on 28 October 1940. After a two-week conflict, Greece managed to repel the invading Italians. Beginning on 9 November, the Greek
forces launched a major counteroffensive and penetrated deep into Italian-held Albanian territory. The Greek operations culminated with the
capture of the strategically important Klisura Pass on 11 January 1941. Këlcyrë Gorge (Klisura Pass), Përmet District, southern Albania. 6 January 1941.

Ελληνοϊταλικός Πόλεμος. Έλληνας στρατιώτης παίζει σάλπιγγα κατά την κατάληψη του στενού της Κλεισούρας.