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How do I justify spending hundreds of dollars on headphones? Music ranks up there with food and water on my survival needs. Without it, I would be dramatically less productive, less motivated, and less inspired. 

Also I don’t have a girlfriend. But if I did, I would have bought her a pair too.

Klipsch S4i - mini review

this is the first time that i’ve owned a pair of in-ear headphones that actually delivers on bass and clarity. the only downside is that if you don’t have the right fit in your ear they will sound pretty crappy.  and as with all headphones/speakers, make sure you setup a custom EQ that suites them. they are quite comfortable and the controls are stellar (i didn't know that they even work on the macbook pro). i didn’t pay anything near the $100 msrp but they are definitely still worth it. i do wish that they came with a nicer carrying case.

Now my music sounds great!

It’s like listening to all my favourite songs for the first time all over again.  I was completely taken aback by the quality when I tried them on at Bay Bloor Radio - yes, they clean and let you test headphones on premise. 

These s4i’s were extremely light, fit completely secure and comfortably in my ears, gave me very crisp sounds, very deep bass, even has full iPhone controller so I can change volume, skip songs and even answer calls.  A complete contrast to the Shure I bought three years ago for almost 3 times the price which were annoyingly heavy for the type of sounds they produced.

I wish they had the white ones in stock.  Very happy with my purchase :)

Home Audio

High performance audio processors and amplifiers are the driving force behind any quality home theater system. Processors decode the digital and analog signals they receive, then translate those signals, and send them to the amplifier. Amplifiers take the signals from a processor, amplify it, and send it to the speakers. At the entry level these two processes are combined in a single component known as a receiver. These can provide a fine experience in certain applications, but the highest quality sound will come from using separate components.