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'Star Trek: Discovery' Producer Explains Why the Klingons Changed
The Klingons will cause major intergalactic chaos in the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. The ridge-headed warrior race plays a huge role in the CBS All Access drama’s mysterious story, which i…

“In the different versions of Trek, the Klingons have never been completely consistent,” Harberts said. “We will introduce several different houses with different styles. Hopefully, fans will become more invested in the characters than worried about the redesign.”

This all came from a conversation with my sister, @motheatenscarf

Klingon #1: Did you know humans have an honor culture?

Klingon #2: Pfaugh! What do HUMANS know of-

Klingon #1: I didn’t say they share OUR honor culture, fool; but they really do have their own. Watch this. HEY, STARFLEET!

Human Science Ensign nerd: …What?

Klingon #1: I have here an Andorian frost pepper, hot as anything your SOFT little planet can produce. Hotter, I have heard, than even your ‘ghost pepper.’

Human: …Mazel Tov.

Klingon #1: I dare you to eat it.

Human: Are you insane? Hell no.

Klingon #1: (sigh) it appears you were right; humans truly ARE all cowards. I had hoped for more from one who is not so timid that he quakes at the thought of sailing the stars, but-

*Human stomps over, eats entire pepper while maintaining eye contact despite turning bright red and weeping uncontrollably*

Klingon #2: …Fuuuuuuck


Good Times in the Neutral Zone,

When I was a young peashooter I can remember the old, outdated history and geography books our class made due with for elementary social studies.  Being the nerdy nerd I am, I of course read ahead, looked at illustrations, and dutifully studied the many maps and graphs throughout the ancient tome.  When looking at maps of the Middle East, I noticed a geographical oddity which sparked my curiosity.  In between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, as well as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, there were two large plots of land called, “Neutral Zones”.  I had to wonder, what were the Neutral Zones?  Why were they neutral? Did Klingons live there? My teacher didn’t have any answers, and told me to shut up :’{

In 1921 an Arabian nobleman named Ibn Abdul Azziz al Saud conquered the region of Njed, and added it to his kingdom.  Ibn Saud, who was supported by the British Government, was quickly uniting Arabia into a single kingdom, which would become the future Saudi Arabia. With the rise of a new nation state in Arabia and the Middle East, Britain demanded well defined borders between Saudi Arabia, and its dependencies such as Iraq and Kuwait.  At first Ibn Saud wanted to avoid boundaries.  After all, the borders wanted by Britain cut across the roaming territories of several nomadic peoples who owed little allegiance to kingdoms or nation states.  Setting strictly defined borders would only lead to future international incidents as nomadic tribes crossed them at will.  

On the 2nd of December, 1922 Ibn Saud and Britain came to a compromise called the Protocal of Uqair, which would hopefully rectify the situation.  A defined border between the Kingdom of Njed (Saudi Arabia) and Iraq. Near the Persian Gulf, two Neutral Zones were created along the Iraq-Saudi border and Kuwaiti-Saudi border.  The two zones,  7,044 km² and 5,770 km² respectively, contained a number of fresh water wells, the few that were available in the area.  For thousands of years, nomads had used those two areas as place or rest, were one could water his animals, bathe, and relax before continuing a rough journey into the desert.  Since rigid borders would cut off the nomadic tribes from their traditional watering holes, it was agreed that the two areas would become “Neutral Zones”, where neither nation could claim the land, and nomads from both nations could legally water their animals.

While the idea of having the Neutral Zone was a good one, modern times were against the nomads, and while the nomadic tribes valued their water wells, the world would come to value their oil wells.  Discovery of oil in the Saudi-Kuwaiti Neutral Zone would lead both countries to partition the zone in 1969.  Discovery of oil in the Saudi-Iraqi Neutral Zone would lead to partition in 1981, however the treaty was never finalized, and the Neutral Zone continued to exist despite the agreement.

In 1991, as the Gulf War loomed over the horizon, Iraq cancelled all international agreements with Saudi Arabia.  Likewise, Saudi Arabia cancelled all international agreements with Iraq.  Thus, the existence of the Saudi-Iraqi Neutral Zone came to an end, with the zone being partitioned evenly after the Gulf War.

Armed with this piece of knowledge, the next time I see my old elementary teacher, I shall have my revenge.

Okay so we know Klingons hate Tribbles
  • But did we ever find out how they get along with Cardassians?
  • I just want Garak looking confused while a Tribble purrs at him. And Julian grinning in the background.
  • I need this fluff in my life, someone make this happen pls

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Maybe a small something where the crew gets captured but they single out Bones because he is a doctor and it goes badly? Like they take him for interrogation or something?

Y’all like seeing my bb Bones hurt too much.

  • “I have a bad feeling about this,” Bones says quietly, and Jim throws him a small smile. “You have a bad feeling about most things.” “Ominous, dark, and dangerous things, yes,” Bones wholeheartedly agrees, “this is one of those things. Jim, we’re not in neutral territory. We shouldn’t be traveling here.” Jim sigh, reaching out and gently squeezing Bones’ shoulder. “We can’t ignore a distress call.” “We can if Starfleet literally tells us not to!” “Relax,” Jim says, “we’ll be fine.”
  • Jim’s head is pounding when he regains consciousness. He doesn’t know where he is, but at least his crew is there. Bones sits next to him, reaching out to feel his forehead. “So much for ‘we’ll be fine’ , huh?” Bones says, and Jim groans. “Where are we?” “Looks like a cell on an old ship,” Sulu replies, “Klingon, I’d say.” “How do you know?” Jim asks. “Because we were attacked while in Klingon territory.” “Did the rest of the crew make it out okay?” “We don’t know, Captain,” Chekov says, “they took Uhura, and we haven’t seen her back yet. And a few minutes ago, they took Spock, too.” Jim gets up on his feet, walking around their small cell to try and find any hint of where they were and how they’d get out. “Don’t worry,” he says, both to the others and to himself, “we’ll figure this out.”
  • Jim’s been doing not much more than pacing around, but that’s all they can do. Still, it drives Bones nuts. “Either come up with a plan, or sit down and think about it. You’re driving me nuts.” “Shut up, Bones,” Jim replies, and Bones narrows his eyes. “You got us here-” “I’m well aware that this is my fault, you don’t have to rub my face in it every other sentence.” “I haven’t said anything before,” Bones counters. “You were thinking it,” Jim replies, crossing his arms over his chest, “if you don’t like the way I’m brainstorming for ideas you can always just wait outside the room. Oh wait, you can’t.” “Guys,” Sulu says, “please. Captain, doctor, there’s no need for this. Let’s just work together, yeah?” Jim takes a deep breath, exhales like an annoyed sigh. “Yes. Okay.”
  • Spock and Uhura return together not much later, and Jim’s back up on his feet in an instant. “Are you okay?” he asks, hands on Uhura’s arms and shoulders, and then he does the same with Spock. “We weren’t what they were looking for,” Uhura says. “What were they looking for?” Jim asks, glancing at the men standing just in front of their small cell door. “A doctor,” Spock says. Bones is right next to Jim to check the two of them out when Spock speaks, and the way he concerns himself over the two of them gives his profession away immediately. The men step forward, and before either of them can even react to it, they have Bones, and he’s dragged out of the room.
  • Uhura and Spock are quite shaken by whatever happened to them. Spock says they just asked questions, but still quite unpleasantly so. Really got in their heads, played on their fears, just to get answers out of them. Jim frowns worriedly, spends a while trying to bash that door in. Perhaps even more so when he hears Bones’ voice. Everyone hears it. Jim’s heard Bones yell on many occasions. Never heard him scream, though, and it’s a piercing sound that makes Jim’s blood boil. They’re hurting his best friend. If them interrogating Uhura and Spock about his crew isn’t bad enough, hearing Bones suffering just gives Jim that bit of extra anger.
  • But they’re still stuck in that room, and Jim is listening to relentless torture. Physical or mental, Jim doesn’t even know. He can’t see Bones, but he can hear him refuse to give up information that could potentially give up vulnerabilities of anyone in Starfleet, though judging by how they treat him for it, Jim wishes he would just tell them what they want to know. “Hey! Hey, please! I’ll tell you whatever you want to know,” Jim promises, banging against the door, “let Bones go, I’ll talk. I promise.” "Captain,“ Spock says, ”Jim, they wanted the doctor for a reason. They’re not interested in talking to you.“ “Then what else am I supposed to do? Sit here and wait until they kill him?” Jim snaps. “No,” Spock says, “we come up with a plan.”
  • And so they wait until the aliens show up again. As soon as their cell door opens, Jim is quick to jump on one of the aliens, though Spock, with his strength, has an easier time to take out the others. Jim picks up one of the phasers after they’ve disarmed the guys. Uhura and Sulu do the same. Following Bones’ voice makes it easier at first, but when the doctor abruptly falls silent, Jim leads them through unfamiliar hallways in blind panic. It’s Spock who takes over, keeping an eye on their surroundings, until they finally find him.
  • Bones is strapped to a chair, wires attached to his head and his chest, though Jim rushes over and yanks them out without a second thought. “Bones!” he calls out, “c'mon, wake up. Let’s get out of here.” He cups Bones’ cheeks, gently so, and he frowns when it’s Chekov who actually hits Bones in the face to wake him up. “Chekov!” “What?” Chekov replies, “we need to leave, and the doctor needs to wake up. This is effective way,” he adds, gesturing to Bones who opens his eyes and rubs his cheek, “in Russia, we-” “I get it,” Jim says, turning his attention to Bones instead. “Are you okay? What did they do to you?” He helps Bones sit up straight, sliding an arm around him to keep him upright. “Jim,” Bones grunts, “they were trying to get in my head.” “That’s okay, Bones, we’ll get you fixed up.” “No, I mean, literally. Download information in my head. They were trying to access what I knew about our president’s undocumented health issues. I think they’re planning an attack.” “Okay,” Jim says, “then we’ll stop them.”
  • They’re back on the Enterprise, heading to earth in warp speed. Bones has checked himself out of med bay, but Jim makes sure Chapel and M'Benga share that view of him being cleared. After all, Bones looks pale and hurt, and he hasn’t complained or scolded Jim once since they got back.
  • “Talk to me,” Jim says once they’re in Bones’ quarters, “are you okay?” “No,” Bones replies, and it’s so blatantly honest that Jim briefly doesn’t know how to respond. “You will be,” he promises eventually, reaching out for Bones’ hand. “I couldn’t even stop them from getting into my own head. They know everything about the president. About you. Joanna. My God, Jim, if anything happens to her-” “We won’t let that happen,” Jim promises, pulling Bones in and sliding both his arms around his shoulders. “They know everything about you, too,” Bones says, “I think they figured you would escape. Given your track record of getting out of so many dire situations alive.” “Only thanks to you,” Jim replies, “you’re going to be fine, okay? So will I. So will Jo. Everyone on Earth will be fine. We’ve saved them before, we can do that again. And if they know my allergies to try and use that against me - who cares? They’re just allergies. I can kick their ass even with a sore throat and itchy skin. Just… know I won’t let them hurt you again,” he adds, lips brushing over Bones’ cheek, “or anyone else for that matter. You know I’m going to be the overprotective captain for a while now.” “I know,” Bones huffs, and Jim smiles now the other is finally relaxing in his presence, and Bones turns to him with a faint smile, “please don’t.” “You know I can’t make any such promises. I’m going to be overprotective. No away-missions, no strange alien examinations without the appropriate security. I think for safety measures, I should sleep in the same bed for a while. Just to make sure, y'know?” Bones laughs, and it makes Jim smile instantly. “Please,” Bones says, “if you want to sleep with me there are less drastic ways to do so.”

re: white actors playing klingons in star trek discovery

here are my professional makeup artist thoughts:

when you’re talking about the Klingon makeup and skin color and you deliberately fail to include DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise from your discussion, you are leaving out years of Star Trek makeup design trying to inject more diversity into the Klingon skintone and hair texture palette.

3 notable examples:

  • Martok, played by white actor JG Hertzler, has a significantly lighter skintone than most Klingons 
  • B’Elanna Torres, played by Roxann Dawson, a hybrid yes, but not literally painted brown like Alexander - her face and forehead are the same natural tone as her skin
  • Antaak the geneticist, played by John Schuk, has pinky beige skin and straight blonde-gray hair

also note that as the years go on past TNG, Klingons start to have different hair textures and colors, not just the dark wild, curly, and untamed texture they all got stuck with initially - which was definitely a part of their racial coding.

so anyways, the Klingon makeup did get better - not allover, but with certain exceptions to its original series and tng roots.

it’s still far from ideal in terms of matching actor skin tone to the base/foundation color and i hope y’all don’t read this post as me defending that, i just want people to stop leaving ds9, voyager, and enterprise out of the discussion because they do exist and they can really help with reasoning here.

A Theory: Giving Sarek benefit of the doubt

Spoilers ahead!!! Tagged as such.

Okay, so I am still aggravated on Spock’s behalf at the relationship that Sarek and Michael seem to have. I mean, it’s not perfect in any way, but compared to not speaking to Spock for 18 years and not mind melding with him for 138 years before Sarek died, Michael and Sarek’s relationship seems pretty damn cozy.

But, having percolated on ST:Disco and Sarek and Michael and the family dynamic with Sarek and his children, I have a theory.

What if Sarek knew Michael’s parents? (he seemed to be fairly close to that raid the Klingons did that killed her parents and almost Michael) and was “enamored” with how bright and intelligent Michael was?

Sarek uses both hands to ‘revive’ Michael when he melds with her among the devastation. I harken back to the time Spock implored this method - twice that I can recall - and each time it was a DEEP meld, a deep search into the very fabric of someone’s brain (once when Kirk had amnesia and was Kirok and then on Valeris when she withheld info and he was searching for the location of conference in ST:TUC).

What if, with Sarek’s lower psi rating, and going that deep into a meld, into another’s mind, he 'accidentally’ left a piece of his katra?

Or alternatively, she was so close to death, that only way to save her was to offer a piece of his soul?

In doing so, he ties her irrecoverably to himself. And this is how she becomes their ward, their foster child. Because as a Vulcan, those with whom you share your katra become family, yours to care for (so choose wisely)??

This to me seems less 'cold’, less 'removed’ and less hurtful to Spock in a lot of ways.

And maybe, Sarek is irrationally fearful of doing melds and possibly harming another child (or himself), that he refrains from doing so with Spock for all those years?

Idk, but this makes me less crazy about the whole thing. And leaves hope that Sarek really did try. But sometimes life has other plans.

tl;dr Still willing to give Sarek a chance and headcanon this as a way to soothe my heart until ST:Discovery tells me otherwise.

[initial reactions] Star Trek Discovery 1x04

sigh. Discovery, you are killing me. I am liking you, and you are making it hard

This is not my favorite episode at all and I continue to be baffled by how they’re using the Klingons. First of all, the only people really interested in the Klingon language are the hardcore fans, and honestly, the actors are struggling not only with the language but with the costuming.

I am really not happy with how they’re handling the Klingons. 

Also, they could have transitioned to speaking in English. Whatever virus that happened with the tribbles to turn them into modern day Klingons make that happen soon, please. 

Second, really, now we’re adding cannibalism too? Like sure, I thought ancient Klingons did it but I’ve always thought space faring Klingon were just exaggerating and something they could add to their songs.

I utterly hate the thought that’s what they did to Georgiou. 

Third, killing Landry was unnecessary. Utterly unnecessary. I get the point they were making but they could have made that without killing Landry. Seriously, WTF.

The only great moments were Michael trying to understand the Tardigrade and her compassion, but she’s also not perfect because she was a little too Vulcan in her approach with Saru. 

Besides that, I don’t like this episode at all. 

ep 4 thoughts

  • this episode was a Mess for me because on one hand, we got some amazing old-trek-style meeting with animals and understanding their thought patterns and good old nerdery and wildly out there ideas but on the other hand Landry Is Dead so
  • i haven’t seen tng nor the episode where tasha yar was killed but that’s all i can think of right now
  • it was so unnecessary. disgustingly unnecessary. it was already cruel to kill off captain georgiou instead of letting her retire but they have landry plot induced stupidity to kill her and i hate it. why couldn’t it have been lorca the one that pointed a gun at that thing???
  • seriously though fuck cbs, fuck the writers
  • okay no i need to cool down so i’m gonna get mad about something else
  • i’m so mad that we met dr. culber but we didn’t get to meet him as stamets’ husband? come on
  • another thing: i hate that they momentarily made michael a bitch to saru for no reason? she could have give him any other reason to come there but no they just needed to make her look like a Cold Evil Vulcan Raised Bitch come on fuck this
  • all my doubts about tilly are gone. it seems her bitchery last week was a moment of weakness but she seems to be okay. so far, i like her. and she trusts michael and wants her to be happy so. that’s one up compared to the rest of the crew
  • similarly so, i’m getting to like stamets better but he’s still on thin ice for me from last week. i appreciated him and michael being nerds.
  • i loved tardi-kitty and its ability to travel the universe. i hope it doesn’t die from all they do with it.
  • that telescope killed me okay captain/XO gifts are…so much to me
  • that being said, they’ve…killed off three big characters so far in this show, which astonishes me. bear with me, my little naïve star trek self still doesn’t want to believe that these writers have lapsed into the current idiotic tendency to kill off characters needlessly for shock value. so if we forget the context we’re living in…i’m lowkey…thinking that they’re going to undo all his, reverse the timeline, something, it’s just that something about this show seems so horribly out of place with star trek and they’ve promised to integrate it properly so………time travel?
  • then again take into account my ep 3 theory was so full of shit, but i like monster transformations so
  • i hope lorca gets flayed next week

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Prompt:  Can you please do a request where you’re Jims ex-1st officer, and you’re now captain of a new ship? But you and Jim are still dating and the whole crew loves you.. and then something happens to your ship and when they rescue you, (and your crew? Or they can be dead Idc) Jim purposes… ??? Thanks a ton!
Word Count: 1726
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 13,865/50,000
Author’s Note:

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Klingon Lady

Did anyone else have to pause the show when SHE came on:

I mean… I’m just so into this design.

She’s so beautiful and mysterious and elegant… yet also a brutal, savage Klingon warrior queen.

What’s not to love???

And BTW her name is apparently Dennas: Dennas of the House of D’Ghor.


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M0D + E if you wanna?

Worf/Troi Canon Action/Adventure Romance


Deanna jumped and nearly screamed as a hand landed on her shoulder, so focused was she on the corridor ahead of her. “Worf!” she whispered harshly, glaring at him. “You scared me!”

“Sorry,” the big Klingon muttered. “I did not want to risk calling you name. I believe I found a way out.”

Glancing back down the hall, Deanna nodded and turned to follow him, her senses stretching outward as they crept toward, hopefully, freedom. A sudden change in emotion, a tingling feeling of triumph shot through her, and she exclaimed, “Get down!” and pulled on Worf’s arm.

They both hit the ground just as a phaser blast scorched the wall right behind where they’d been standing.

Worf shot back, and yelled at Deanna to run, laying down cover fire as she scrambled up and around the corner twenty feet away, checking quickly to make sure nobody was coming up from that direction, then she returned the favor for Worf, covering his own escape.

“This way,” Worf said brusquely, pointing up the hallway. “There is a door further along this corridor with airflow behind it, I believe that to be the exit.”

Deanna nodded, but kept a wary eye on the intersection, waiting for their pursuers to appear again.

“Walk backward,” Worf advised. “I will lead us while you cover our backs.”

“All right.” Deanna took a quick, steadying breath. “Let’s go.”

Keeping a light touch between their left arms as they moved quickly, Deanna felt her adrenaline spike as two figures rounded the corner, and she shot at them instinctively. “Worf, they’re coming!”

“We’re almost there,” Worf assured her, glancing back briefly to fire his own phaser. They were out in the open, with no cover, nothing to keep their enemies from firing at them and putting an end to their escape. A moment later, they were at the door, and Worf tried the handle. It didn’t budge, so he shot it instead, unable to waste time trying to unlock it or bodily force it open.

Just as he reached to pull Deanna through the open door, she yelped and her face crumpled in pain. An exultant whoop came from down the hall. Still, he pulled Deanna outside with him, and as both crossed the threshold, the world dissolved around them, leaving four people standing in the holodeck.

“Those things hurt!” Deanna complained, rubbing her side where the training phaser had tagged her.

“They’re supposed to,” Worf pointed out. Turning his attention to the two junior security officers, he added, “Good job. However, we almost escaped. There is room for improvement.”

Still rubbing her side, although the sting was fading now, Deanna agreed, “Yes, try to keep your emotions in check. You thought you had us, but because you allowed yourself to feel triumphant, I was able to sense you before you shot.”

“Maybe so, but we still got you in the end, Counselor,” the female security officer teased.

“Yeah,” her partner agreed, laughing. “Once we realized you were busy with the door, sir, and that Counselor Troi couldn’t hit a planet if she was aiming at it, we took the opening provided.”

Deanna sighed loudly, her mouth twisting in an exasperated smile. “Thank you, ensign,” she said wryly.

“No offense, ma’am,” he added with a grin.

“None taken… now get out of here,” Deanna chuckled.

The two ensigns looked at Worf expectantly, and he nodded. “Dismissed.”

Once the holodeck doors closed behind them, Deanna looked up at Worf and suggested, “Maybe I should get some shooting practice in.”

“Perhaps,” he agreed, amusement in his dark eyes. “Thank you for assisting with the training exercise. Too often security personnel forget that other races may have skills and abilities they do not.”

“It was my pleasure, Worf,” Deanna smiled widely. “Although I have to admit, I’m a little annoyed that I got shot so close to the end.”

Gaze flicking down to Deanna’s torso, Worf asked, “Does it still hurt?” placing one hand over the spot.

Deanna shook her head. “No, not anymore.” Her lips curled up in a pleased smile as she added, “But you can kiss it better, anyway.”

Worf’s eyes darkened in anticipation, and his voice lowered to a growly murmur as he replied, “I would be very happy to do so.”