klimptone asked: au where kurt is a cheerio ™ and blaine is a nerd ™ and so begins the love between a healthy cereal and a sour candy. ao3

It’s bad for him, Kurt knows.

But ever since he dropped out of that guy’s bowl of Cheerios and rolled under the fridge, he had been focused on a fellow forgotten food under the cabinets. (This guy is really, really unsanitary.) It’s a little Nerd, bright green and almost triangular in shape. Kurt, who was whole grain and perfectly circular, was a much smarter pick at the grocery store. Still, he kept looking at that Nerd, wondering what would happen if he rolled over and said hi.

Not that he could. He was a piece of cereal. Kind of subject to the laws of motion.

Then, one day, the unthinkable happened. 

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