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Guilty Bits Episode 24: Kliff Undersn

chipslight  asked:

Can you explain why Kliff gets younger and older while fighting in Guilty Gear (like in his supers), please ? I find this really confused

The rumor is that it has to do with Kliff’s usage of Ki.

It’s also a semi-nod to characters like Kame Roshi-Senin (Dragonball Z) and Tung Fu Rue (Fatal Fury / King of Fighters) who can increase their muscle strength and buff up their appearance in quick short bursts such as when doing a projectile wave technique (or the Kamehameha itself, which Kame Senin is said to be the ‘inventor’ of), also Hokage Tsunade (of Naruto) is known for using a sealing technique that prevents visible age in her body’s appearance, only to unseal it when she needs extra chakra for a summoning or to increase her physical strength.

It’s also speculated that Baiken uses a form of Ki to retain her youthful appearance (since it is currently unclear what year Japan was destroyed, which could’ve been near the start of the Crusades in 2073), but that is also PURE speculation (even though she is one of the few Survivors).

Regardless, you can read up more on the effects of Ki here in this tag.

Mysterious though Ki may be, if we find out more, I’ll be sure to post my findings.