Missing Cali, my Bby and Kenny ~-~

In late Feb klietka and I met up with kennysworld-jp and his girlfriend Tiffany for dinner at Goat Hill Pizza. All you can eat Monday’s *drool*

This man has great taste, understanding and attention to detail when it comes to authentic Japanese styling. We talked for hours straight about our pedantic purist ways, car culture and life.
We came to a conclusion that we were practically living a mirrored life on opposite sides of the world.


What began as a USDM TE72

~4AG-E , Full exhaust (sounds great), Lightened flywheel, T50,
~Notched chassis rails for shakotan ~ suspension travel and diff clearance ~ inspired by Adam Hedge’s wagon (C’s Garage)
~AE86 Coilovers - Added leaf  + Blocks
~Imported JDM flat front end
~Quad front chrome bumper modified to suit
~JDM Taillights
~r14 MK2’s wrapped with semi’s
~AE86 half cage
~Comfortable period correct Zeta

After stuffing as much pizza as we could fit in our bodies I got to take this thing around the block with klietka on some gnarly bumpy roads in SF. It felt awesome, it felt exactly like I was driving my car except with a dialed engine. The suspension was surprisingly outstanding for leaf springs + the lightened flywheel made for great throttle response and quick pickup! 

The music from a 4AG with a full exhaust is too thrilling! ~