I often think that Rose Quartz had moments of self-doubt, but she would hide it from the other gems and put on a brave face. An alien with so much empathy being forced to kill other gems, and having the weight of the world on her shoulders … I think that’s a heartbreaking combination. This gem must have had so much responsibility, and I can’t wait to see what she was really like when the Crystal Gems weren’t around.


“Story for Steven” - bonus scene
(imgur link if you’re not a fan of the cut-up version: http://imgur.com/SuHVX4r)

How I imagine things went after the scene where Greg left Rose after giving her the free T-shirt. It wasn’t actually what I’d planned on drawing - I considered having Rose sing, but then I realised that perhaps it would have been too much like Steven’s song in “Full Disclosure.”I used to draw comics constantly but I haven’t drawn one in quite some time, which is sad because my dream all my life has been to become a graphic novelist. Anyway, this post is long enough as it is, but it’s my first attempt at storyboarding so I’d really appreciate your input. Also, I do know that boards usually aren’t in colour, but I wanted to distinguish Rose’s hair from the rest of her to avoid any confusion.