Part One - Chapter 3

He takes his morning jog a little later than usual today. Running through town he enjoys the serene landscape of Sunset Valley. He is just about to cross the road when he see’s the pretty young woman again. She is talking to someone on the sidewalk. She turns around and their eyes meet for a moment.


Staring at the young man Eliza notices how handsome he is. He is tall and runs with perfect rhythm. Eliza continues to stare not realizing that Buster Clavell is talking to her.

“..Eliza? ” asks Buster, smiling.

“What..huh?” Eliza says mesmerized.

“You seem a little star struck, Eliza?” Buster says almost laughing.

“Oh, um..no…so that was the drifter?” Eliza asks surprised.

“Yes, that was him” replies Buster.

“Jocasta said there were burglaries and…” Buster politely cuts Eliza off.

“I wouldn’t take any notice of what Jocasta has to say, you know she is the queen of gossip” Buster says discouragingly. There is a brief silence that Buster breaks as they both watch the drifter run out of sight. “I’ve seen him around, mainly fishing and jogging. Have you seen his yacht down on Sunnyside Blvd?”

“No.um..yes, actually I saw it when I was running this morning.” Eliza tries to gather her thoughts.

“It’s a beauty, isn’t it? I used to have a similar boat back in my day” Buster says reminiscing. 

“Was that when you and Betty took trips before she got sick?” Eliza asks.

“Yes. I tried after she got sick but it was just too hard so now we enjoy walks along the beach instead” Buster states happily. 

“I must come and visit you both, it’s been too long” Eliza suggests, apologetically.

“Oh it’s fine, you have a lot on your plate working at the Corporate Towers. But you know you are always welcome” Buster says. Eliza says goodbye to Buster and heads home to make her Eggs Machiavellian.


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