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Do you have any favorite tera screenshooters? :3c

I-I do actually! I admire This person a lot, her images are really beautifully staged and the composition in them is always perfect. Not to mention that her characters and editing skills are wonderful as well ehe.

kleonxkain: When Einn says she has none of those, the next day they appear magically. I DON’T BELIEVE YOU BUT CONGRATS

NUUH I didn’t have them back then! ; 3 ; Only like, 1!! I swear~ Thank you!♥ Now I need the Vitriols, Nexus and BG materials…

linilia-and-ace: So jealous, congrats ;w;
gethfetish: gz bb :*

Thank you!>u<

calmpresent: WE GONNA HUNT THEM THOSE VITS AND THAT DESIGN :C People bullying my Li in 3s, smacking her around and making her explode from damage. ;-; Soon, we will make them pay.

YEAH!! Well sadly no luck today. :C I’ll try for Vits in the morning again. Got the design though, thanks to Joltyyyy. >U< ♥ ♥ ♥ Gotta craft it asap and make people explode back from reflect!>:V