Sketch trade with klenzer! go check out her artwork! also, sorry I could not draw both; though I do like that idea, so I may try again later when I get more time. (also don’t feel like you need to do two of the ones i sent you either!) 

and now to dive head first into the last week of exams. hopefully I’ll be able to upload more over the winter break. : ’ (

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out of curiosity which healer do you have the toughest time to level them up

brady is usually the toughest since u get him so late in the game RIGHT?? lissa has a monopoly on healing for a while, maribelle gets in on the action with her wider range and libra comes prepromoted so at least he can attack right off the bat..




: oh! another way to train clerics is to use rescue staves! they give a lot of exp, like a lot a lot. And another way is to summon those bonus teams with a cleric as the boss from the wireless bonus box, kill everyone except the boss, then use rescue staves with chrom nearby as your convoy to get supports AND levels!! hope this helps ;w;

that’s true i may have to just do that next time but my barricade ended up working well enough!!! he only broke one mend HAHA

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*__* UHH UMMM DRAW ME APOLLO FROM AA?? or just any of my ocs you know where my other blog is

ONE POLLY FOR KLENNNNN!!! LMAO forgib me bby my mess of a sketch but ohogho Apollo is a hunk I just hope i didn’t destroy him omg ALSO I WANNA BEAT YOU UP FOR MAKING ME CHOOSE BETWEEN POLLY AND YOUR OCS LMFAODSFD SMACKS YOU LOVINGLY