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Can we also remember Klementy Nagorny, who was a companion to Alexei? briankeithohara(.)blogspot(.)com/2013/02/klementy-nagorny1889-1918-was-sailor-on(.)html He died earlier but should be thought of!

Yes, of course! He was equally brave. Just in case anyone doesn’t know, Klementy Nagorny was a sailor nanny who took care of Alexei. Nagorny was able to keep his charge’s spirit up in the times of uncertainty as well as his family and the other servants.  He was thrown in a jail in Ekaterinburg for trying to protect Alexei. His exit from this world was equally brutal and undeserving. He was shot to death just a few months before the shooting of the Romanov family.


30 Day Romanov Challenge Day 18 : Favourite Staff -member

Klementy Nagorny

Klementy Nagorny  was a former sailor on the Standart and was one of two sailor nannies (along with Derevenko) to the Tsesarevitch Alexeï. He was murdered by the Bolsheviks prior to the murder of the Imperial Family, he was only 29 when he was executed.
I have always admired him, he remained faithful to the end, his loyalty and devotion were truly remarkable, he deserves to be honored.

“One day when I was passing Ipatiev’s house, accompanied by Dr. Derevenko and Mr. Gibbes, we saw two carriages drawn up and surrounded by a large number of Red Guards, What was our horror at recognizing in the first Sedniev (the valet-de-chambre of the Grand-Duchesses) sitting between two guards. Nagorny was going to the second carriage. He was just setting foot on the step with his hand on the side of the carriage when, raising his head, he saw us all there standing motionless a few yards from him. For a few seconds he looked fixedly at us, then, without a single gesture that might have betrayed us, he took his seat. The carriages were driven off, and we saw them turn in the direction of the prison.” Pierre Gilliard