The Gavinners feat. Herr Forehead

Did you know there was an official version of Guilty Love with lyrics? This was performed in a special event on 2012. It is supposedly sung by Klavier with a little help of Apollo. The lyrics were written by Shu Takumi btw!

Here’s the translation and romanization (sorry if I made a mistake! This took me a little~)

English translation:

I found you in a stunning dress, I held you
You put down your glass and looked me in the eyes
“Where should we go now? JUST YOU AND ME”
But I can’t… I’m on my way to court

Turn the wheel left at the corner and there it is.
Your honor!
SO! Let’s get drunk on the thrill that’s about to start
Courthouse show!
I was going to have a SALTY DOG with you
But now I’m thristy for a glass of GUILTY DOG
Where’s the truth? To find your answer…
Go ask the wind!

This evening, I held a guitar in one hand
And took your hand with mine
Now I’ll sing you a love ballad JUST SONG FOR YOU
But I can’t… I’m on my way to a crime scene

Go down the stairs to the dance floor, and there’s…
A crime scene investigation!
SO! The Evidence, testimony, and dead body
Look like they’ll start dancing!
Gazing up at the MILKY WAY with you
I’m praying for a GUILTY BREAK!
What is the truth? To find your answer…
Go ask the wind!

In the depths of darkness (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
Reveal the truth behind the crime (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
The journey to the next world is so far (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
And the shadow is wandering (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
I’ll search for the light, for the sake of your future

Even those tears look beautiful on you
The day we part will come eventually
Let’s do it over if we can JUST YOU AND ME
But I can’t… I’m on my way to court

Turn the wheel left at the corner and there it is.
Your honor!
SO! Let’s get drunk on the thrill that’s about to start
Courthouse show!
I was going to have a SALTY DOG with you
But now I’m thristy for a glass of GUILTY DOG
Where’s this love headed? To find your answer…
Go ask the wind…
…Or better yet, go ask Herr Forehead!

No one can predict it (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
Which way the ruling will go (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
The sins people commit (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
Who will judge them? (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
In the depths of darkness (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
Reveal the truth behind the crime (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
The journey to the next world is so far (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
A shadow is wandering (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
I’ll search for the light

Romanization: ((under the cut))

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i ship klema brotp

i just want ema skye and klavier gavin to be 

  • buddies
  • friends
  • bros
  • gals
  • homies
  • amigos
  • nintendo
  • pizza
  • complaining abt each other
  • talking about boyfriends
  • light hearted teasing each other
  • unoffensive burnfests
  • yo mama
  • listening to music in the office with speakers up all the way
  • confidants
  • the person b that complains about winston and gaspen paine to the other’s person a that throws snackoos at the paynes when they aren’t looking
  • buddy convincing the other buddy to coordinate with her boyfriend for a social event
  • “lets get drunk because our boyfriends are going back to their country for the time being and they have jobs and we have jobs”
  • practical jokes
  • practical jokes on miles edgeworth on the entire prosecutor’s office 
  • house keys
  • water your plants while you’re on tour/investigating cases in khura’in?
  • i just 

i just



Daily reminder that if you ship narumitsu, narumayo, junipollo, justicykes, franmaya, klapollo, cykesquill, klema, hobopollo, trupearl, lanamia, miego, junithena, blackbright, etc, etc…

Then KEEP ON SHIPPING IT AND LET NO ONE SHAME YOU FOR IT. I know I’ve talked about the issue of ship wars in the past, but we really, REALLY need to stop with all the ship hate in this fandom; it’s disgusting, and it it makes the fandom feel very toxic and unwelcoming when SOME OF YOU act like pretentious babies and act as if only the ships YOU ship are the ‘unproblematic’ ships.

Now I’m not saying you CAN’T have a NOTP: we all do. And that’s okay. But what ISN’T okay is when you’re throwing blatant ship hate into the main tag or the ship tags: it’s not cute. And it makes you look like an asshole, to be honest.

So in short: learn to accept the fact that everyone’s going to ship different ships and you have no right to call anyone ‘disgusting’ for shipping your NOTP. So do yourself a favor and talk only about the ships you do like and shut up about the ones you don’t: make this fandom feel like a WELCOMING one and not one full of condescending, bitter children. 

Here Comes a Thought...

(this isn’t a steven universe post, It’s just a title.)

In less than 24 hours, Ace Attorney 6: Spirit of Justice comes out in the us.

This is the game series that prevented me from killing myself junior year of high school.

This is the game series that gave the love of my life a reason not to kill herself when her life went to shit, and brought us closer together.

This is the game series that gave me the confidence to look into law degrees.

This is the game series that convinced me to come to Law School, where I’m studying criminal law.

This series about a dorky lawyer, his legal partners and daughter solving ridiculous murders has saved my life, saved my girlfriend’s life, and affected my life in such a way to move my CAREER CHOICE.

Maybe it isn’t to you, but to me, this isn’t a game.

This is magic!

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Skit translated for @nohmasked​! Actually, it’s more like an adaptation, since there were some kanjis I couldn’t read because the resolution isn’t that big ;u; But I think the core of the story it’s still there! Hope you like it~

The First Snow

Apollo: Ehh! The snow fell rather violently this time.
Trucy: Everything is covered in white!
Apollo: Somehow, the snow decreasing helps us.
Trucy: Ah! Look Polly! There’s a snowman there!
Apollo: It really is… Umh, Trucy, what are you doing? Putting him your silky hat…
Trucy: This way, he will “repay” me with something.
Apollo: Umh… What do you mean?
Trucy: About that old legend. If you take care of someone out in the snow, you’ll get a “repayment”, like rice or vegetables.
Apollo: That’s not how the legend goes and definitly it doesn’t count if it’s a snowman.
Trucy: But maybe we could get new clients as a repayment!
Apollo: Even thought that would be great, I don’t think it works that way…
Trucy: Ah! Wait, Polly!
Apollo: What is this time?
Trucy: Look at that, please! There’s something moving under the snow!
Apollo: Umh? Maybe it’s an animal?
Trucy: Maybe it’s a crane that fell on a trap! If we save him, he will “repay” us!
Apollo: You know, cranes don’t fly near this place…
Trucy: Even if is not a crane, It could be something for today’s dinner!
Apollo: Trucy, don’t even try it, please…
Trucy: Daddy would cook it simmered… Kyaa! 
Apollo: W-What happened?
Trucy: This crane… Have this black thing attached to it!
Apollo: What? Er… Isn’t this a karintou snack?
Ema: You guys! What are you doing?
Trucy: Ah! Miss Ema!
Apollo: Since you were crouching in the middle of the snow with your white coat, we couldn’t see you, sorry Detective Skye.
Ema: I’m crossing the science path so I always use my lab coat! 
Trucy: Aren’t you cold? Today, even Polly is using a winter coat!
Ema: Oh! So YOU are Apollo! I didn´t recognize you!
Apollo: Do you only recognize me because of my vest?!
Ema: You too should wear a lab coat! Lab coats are the best, scientifically speaking.
Apollo: I don’t think they are the most appropriate thing to use on snowy days.
Ema: Silence… a,a-achoooooo!
Trucy: As expected, they aren’t the best on snowy days…
Ema: I was watching you a while ago, playing with the snow like little kids.
Trucy: Miss Ema, snowy days don’t excite you?
Ema: At all! Last time, I had to work with that Glimmerous fop! And today too!
Trucy: Miss Ema looks more grumpy than usual.
Apollo: Today is the kind of day you don’t want to mess with her.
Ema: I was so irritated, I decided take an “inspection by foot”.
Trucy: Is that part of your scientific investigation?
Apollo: I don’t think walking has anything to do with scientific investigation…
Ema: Because of that jingling-guy I don’t have space for my scientific investigation kit!
Apollo: So Detective Skye’s stress is caused by science, huh.
Ema: Speaking of snow, I really like it. It has a cute kind of feeling.
Apollo: Eh? How a feeling can be cute or not?
Ema: Of course it can be.
Trucy: Polly! Girls like to gather cute things, you know?
Apollo: I don’t think this has anything to do with gender at all…
Klavier: Hello there! It looks like everybody gathered here!
Trucy: Oh? Prosecutor Gavin!
Ema: Ugh! Prosecutor Gavin, what are you doing here?
Klavier: I just came following the leftovers you dropped while eating karintou.
Apollo: …That’s some fairytale-like story.
Trucy: Miss Ema, when you are angry you start eating really fast.
Klavier: I also noticed that. It really surprised me.
Ema: What do you want? Cause’ you know, right now, I’m reaaa-llyyyy- busy.
Klavier: Well, yes. I’m here because I wanted to lend you my coat. You can bring it back tomorrow.
Ema: Eh?
Trucy: Waaa! You are so kind Prosecutor Gavin!
Klavier: Well, that’s all. Have a nice day!
Ema: …………………….
Apollo: And now I’m looking forward to see what kind of “repayment” Detective Skye will give, huh.
Trucy: Maybe she can give Prosecutor Gavin lots of Luminol bottles!
Apollo: I don’t think that would make him happy.
Ema: What? This, this coat…! This is all his fault!
Apollo: It looks like Prosecutor Gavin won’t get any repayment…
Trucy: Right?
Ema: Silence, you two!

Klavier and Ema are the kind of couple who would fall for each other gradually. Since they’re less than friendly with each other from the beginning, it takes a while for them to see past their initial opinions and then build a relationship of mutual respect at the least. Klavier starts to treat her with more respect and understanding when he sees that Ema is meant to be working in the forensics department and how crushed she was (is) when she didn’t get the job she had wanted for so long. While Ema thinks Klavier is as foppish as they come, she sees that his passion for the law is very genuine. She also comes to the conclusion that Klavier cannot be held entirely accountable for Phoenix’s disbarment, and is impressed with Klavier’s efforts to repent for the part he played.

When that is established, along with a sense of genuine trust for the other, they slowly become friendlier to each other. Soon, the cracks that Ema makes about Klavier’s foppishness no longer hold any bitterness or annoyance, and Klavier makes an effort to tone down the flirtatious remarks directed at her. Even when they start looking at each other in a more romantic light, it doesn’t hit them right away.

Ema doesn’t realize she’s attracted to Klavier until one day she realizes that she’s been paying more attention to Klavier’s physical appearance for some time now. On the other hand, Klavier has always seen Ema as pretty (in the way that he sees any other woman as pretty but he never gives any real thought about it), but he also starts to find himself thinking very corny thoughts like how the color of her hair resembles the Snackoos that she enjoys eating so much, or how she looks radiant when she’s passionately talking about science. Along with that, it’s pointed out to him that he’s not flirting as much as he used to. Beyond the occasional teasing remark, he doesn’t really point out a girl’s beauty or “special-ness” like he used to. When he thinks about why he seems to have stopped flirting, a mental image of Ema pops up. Eventually, their feelings for each other strengthen over time, and they both take a chance in accepting these feelings and acting on them. 

I always imagine them being cutie friends at the start of their strange 7 year relationship.

like when Ema studies in europe she befriend pre-gavinners Klavier and become close buddies. My headcanon for Ema is that she has issues of being lonely because of Lana’s aloofness pre-RFTA and it escalates while in Europe so Klavier was always there to provide her company.

And they just become great friends. For like the next 2 years.

It was Klavier who first fell in love with Ema and didn’t realize until later?? Like around the time of AAI.

How i think he realized his feelings goes something like this: