- Odonata -

Ein kleine Libelle auf einem Stück Draht.

  • Whitley: Yes, now that I am the heir to the Schnee fortune, all I have to do is get rid of my father, and I will have everything I want... MWAHA-
  • Weiss: WHITLEY?
  • Whitley: WEISS?
  • Weiss: Are you going to kill our dad?
  • Weiss: Can I join?
  • Winter, poking her head around the corner: I want in, too.
  • Whitely: Uh, sure, I guess so. So, we're all doing this together?
  • Mama Schnee: Not without me you're not!
  • Klein: I'll grab the Knives! We're doing this Julius Caesar style.

”Hila, you’re sucking all the light from the sunset. Where’s the- you sucked all the light right out of the Sun. It just can’t even compete. It’s just completely gone. There’s no sunshine left, Hila, you’re- you’re way- you are way too radiant and beautiful. You shine way too bright. There’s no sunset anymore. It’s just straight up- Okay there it is.” 🌸🌸💕