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The signs as members of the did nothing wrong squad

Aries: Mirai Kuriyama

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Taurus: Kei Nagai

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Gemini: Teito Klein

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Cancer: Ganta Igarashi

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Leo: Tenka Kumo

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Virgo: Yashiro Isana

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Libra: Ayumi Otosaka

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Scorpio: Mikaela Hyakuya

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Sagittarius: Kaneki Ken

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Capricorn: Kyousuke Hyoubu

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Aquarius: Shinichi Izumi

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Pisces: Allen Walker

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upon leaving this world, standing before the chief of heaven, we are allowed 3 wishes. and, to all that are reborn as ‘humans’, there is one common desire.

[ Servamp x 07-Ghost ] 

All of a sudden, the 07-Ghost topic came back up and I can’t help but think of this XD. I’m rereading the manga right now too so… //sobs/

Here we have the main duo, Teito Klein, with his reincarnated friend-turned pink fluffy dragon, Mikage,  and Frau with his Ghost form Zehel. On the other side we have the steadfast sunshine boi Mahiru Shirota holding kitty Kuro, and human Kuro himself with his black demon. To top it off, we have Ayanami and Tsubaki making the big moves on them too~!

I know it’s a rushed work lol but I just wanted to finish this anyways! (my coloring RIP xD) And for the love of Zehel, precious boys must be protected at all cost!!! ;;w;;)