klein quantum

I'm in a real pickle, need some advice.

So I have my two motorcycles up for sale. Looking to get 700 for the pair and be done with them. I want to get back into mopeds and I figure 700 is plenty to get a decent ped and some go fast goodies to put on it, but here is the my situation. I put in my craigslist ad that I’m also interested in road bikes/fixies for a partial trade as well. I got an email from a guy just the other day, says he has a 1990 Klein Quantum he’d be interested in trading. If he expects a straight up trade it will be a no go for sure, but if he offers some cash as well it will be pretty tempting. I’ve never owned a “nice” road bicycle. I mean, I love steel lugged frames, and will always ride them, but the opportunity to get a well respected light weight bike is enticing.

I hear they are a super stiff ride though, I’m wondering just how stiff are they? My city’s streets are beat to hell, I’m not sure how long I could handle a super stiff ride!

Anyways what do you bicyclists on here think? Cool bike? Over priced for what they are worth? Should I pass it up or see what I can work out with the guy?