klein epstein & parker

“This is advice for everybody. Everybody is a queen. It’s old advice; know thyself. And that is a lifelong journey!”

RuPaul photographed by Mathu Andersen for Winq Magazine March/April 2015 

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And anyone who wants to introduce themselves~


Name: Edward Isaac Nashton Nygma
Nickname: Eddie, Ed, Riddler
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Gender: David Bowie & Prince & Gene Kelly with a dash of Burgess’ Alex (but with the suit wardrobe of RuPaul), ya feel?
Favourite Color: Green. It’s on the tin
Average Hours of Sleep: sober eddie: 4~6 hours/night. not-sober eddie: sleep is for the less-evolved
Last Thing You Googled: why doesn’t batman think i’m cool?
Height:  5′3″


Name: mccall
Nickname: mc(add noun here)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Gender: nonbinary/genderqueer
Favorite Color: pink probably :>
Average Hours of Sleep: pass. i got that insomnia 
Last Thing You Googled: ‘klein epstein parker suits’
Height:  5′9″