How can people hate this thing? It’s silly and cute, and actually pretty useful.

It’s also funny to imagine the big dragons like Salamence and Garchomp being terrified at the sound of car keys jingling.


Carry a Klefki with you 

One of the weirdest creatures introduced in XY, Klefki, which is a dang set of keys, is something real world people – not just Pokemon people – can put in their pockets now.

Tony Sarkees (maker of the Ace Attorney and Tiny Cartridge 3DS XL cases) put 20 of these Klefki keyrings on Etsy earlier today. Unsurprisingly, they’ve all been sold already – I mean, it’s got immunity to Poison and Dragon, come on. No way that was going to stay in stock for long.

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I’m in love with the Pokemon variants trend going around. I’ve seen a lot of very creative works out there, and I thought I’d give it my own shot. 

Relic: First found amid gaols and the resting beds of the deceased, the Relic variant is commonly drawn to keys of long past and the weight they hold. Research is a common field of interest for them, and it is near impossible to take the keys they possess once they lock it into their rings. Some are also found donning other artifacts and have proved to be remarkably reluctant in parting with them.

Talisman: Light and whimsical, the Talisman variant is noticeable for using a string to hold its keys instead of a ring, that of which is usually also decorated with beads and feathers. They are most commonly found in humid and tropical regions, and they are believed to bring good luck to those who encounter them. They move softly in the wind, vanishing as quickly as they come.

Ornate: These Klefkis are treasure-seekers by nature and are popular companions of the by the aristocratic and the wealthy, Ornate variants go about searching keys of the highest value — in the literal sense, to the point that they border on jewelry, as they are drawn to precious stones and materials. They are more durable than you’d think, and though are generally friendly as a whole, they can be remarkably dangerous in protecting their treasures.