Dipper kept a close eye on Kleeo after she was born. The Time Wars were still burning down to an end, and the world was tumultuous enough that a single innocent baby could be too easily lost. Luckily for anyone who might have done her any harm in numerous worst-case scenarios, she grew up whole and healthy and relatively untouched by the final stirrings of rebellion and the chaos of a newly-built government with an oversized immortal alien Time infant at its head. She did quite well for herself in fact, building a career and a family with the cheerful head-on determination so common to his Mizars.

She did, of course, have some help from her best friend and brother-in-all-but-blood, Tyrone Pines. Dipper knew Time Baby was watching, of course – Bill, however long past, and all his power and the threat he had once wielded had always made the temporally-gifted being rather nervous, and Alcor was technically the inheritor of much of that – but as far as he was concerned, the enormous entity could go suck a pacifier. As long as neither party made any overt moves against the other, both were content enough to leave the other be. Kleeo was under Alcor’s protection, and that was simply part of the unspoken understanding.

Then one of her daughters had a son, and the day he was introduced to the child Dipper heard his name, saw a flash of his future, and nearly laughed himself sick. He refused to tell anyone why, and instead appointed himself Chief Babysitter and Teller of Tall Tales. The boy grew up on stories of far-off times and places, and just enough hints of minor prophecy come true that he believed in his Great-Uncle’s self-proclaimed “Foresight,” despite the official refusal to acknowledge such a gift as truly existing at all.

The day he graduated Time Academy and was granted a basic rank in the Corps, Uncle Tyrone made sure to visit, extend his congratulations, and whisper another ‘prophecy’ to him.

“Time Travel brings interesting opportunities. One day you’ll meet your gam-gam from long ago. I’ve told you about her before. Don’t look for her; she’ll know you when she sees you.”

He left Llolph to accept further congratulations with big shiny eyes – he always did have an emotional streak a mile wide when it came to family, however he tried to mask it with military stoicism – and popped himself into the mindscape the moment he was out of sight.

There he proceeded to laugh himself sick again.

No wonder their bluff had worked.

Gam-Gam indeed.