A ver gente que habéis leído el mensaje del main, como es costumbre y tradición en nuestra familia… Lo último que se pierde es ser testarudo, por lo que aquí viene el post para todos aquellos que sigan vivos y con dedos para escribir y rolear mientras les queden feels y kleenex que usar.

¿QUIÉN VA A SEGUIR AQUÍ SÍ O SÍ? Por favor, que proceda a apuntar a sus personajes con un mensajito, un chat, una amenaza de muerte o lo que os de la gana (preferiblemente si me lo adjuntais con Scott Eastwood mejor que mejor).


+ Carol (Sky, Miranda, Stephen)
+ Lil (Adam, Joel y Ethan)
+ Lu (Charlie + nuevo OC!)
+ Esther (Penny, Meredith y Fletcher)

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Maybe he stopped to pick up Hiddles. (Seriously, the thought of the two of them sharing a backseat for three hours passing the kleenex box and a bag of In-N-Out burgers strangely warms my heart.)

I need someone to make a meme gif of that.

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if you read this before you watch ll!ss... please do yourself a favor and grab a bunch of kleenex or youll be forced to explain why you have to change your shirt.. and bedsheets... and carpet.. and the flash flood warnings in your town..



okay but my town is in a bit of a drought right now so all my tears could do it some good

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Pssst! What do you think Shiro and Keith have in those pouch things on their utility belts? Snacks? Does space dad have bandaids for all of his space kids? i have so many questions


Keith’s a walking survival kit. Fire starters, tourniquets, water purification tablets, Swiss Army knife, compass, some snack bars, bug repellent, batteries…he’s better prepared than a boy scout. It comes from living out in the desert. There’s a picture or two of better times tucked in somewhere safely. 

Shiro would totally have dad stuff. Band-aids (with little aliens and stars on them), gauze, painkillers, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, odds and ends that the paladins left lying around that he picked up but forgot he had, nail clippers, pictures and drawings from the others…

Temporary CH

summary: Calum forgets how temporary everything in life is and ends up getting hurt

Everything is temporary. He knew that before he had even met her. He knew, from the tender age of 6 or 7 that nothing lasted forever, that he would have to leave certain things in the past, that items and people he loved would disappear, that’s just what happened, that was just how the world worked, that’s how life was.  

He accepted that, he knew denying it would only cause him heartache when the things he loved went away. It was common sense.

But when she strode into his life, her head held high and one of the prettiest smiles he had ever caught sight of plaster on her face, he couldn’t help but lose all common sense.  

His life had become a movie, he was the main protagonist with a girlfriend that melted his heart and could cure his deepest depression filled episodes with a kiss on the cheek and the promise of better days ahead. She was a light, she was a burning light that never ceased to cause his heart to flutter and stomach to drop. She was in every sense of the word perfect to him, the sort of person he couldn’t quite believe existed. She was pure magic, a fairy, a nymph, some sort of magical creature. She was too good to be real.

2 years, he had spent two years of his life with her by his side, with her smile constantly in his head, with her hand intertwined with his and her head on his chest. He had spent the past two years of his life with the scent of her perfume lingering in the air, with her cheek kisses and hugs, with her jittery laugh and quirky humour and at times childish attitude. He spent two years with her, loved her for 1 year and 7 months and lived with her for 14 months. He was so young yet he felt as though his life was picture perfect, the sort of life he had wanted but thought was silly to attempt to achieve.  

Yet he lived such an average life. His home was an average flat, he worked an average desk job, he lived in an average neighborhood and owned average things. Yet she made it all seem beyond wonderful. She was so lovely, he was so in love with her and he had forgotten how temporary everything in life actually was.

It was a Sunday afternoon. The couple were sat in a retro 70’s themed café down the road from their apartment. It was typical for them to go there when both their schedules were open and they felt like going out together but not like dressing up.

They had been sat at their table for a little over half an hour. A plate in front of him with the crumbs of a now devoured scone and a half finished cup of tea in front of her. Their conversation had been fast, witty, exciting, as always. He felt as though that day were just as any other day that they spent together.  

She stared at him as she finished her tea, he smiled at her, love in his eyes, he was so undeniably swooned by her and was just as in love with her as he was a year and 7 months ago.

She placed her tea cup down on the saucer, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, a slight smile on her lips before she let out a deep sigh.

“Calum, baby, I have something to say.” She said, her voice beautiful as ever to him, a sound prettier than any song, tune or melody he could think of.

“Uh huh.” He said, a grin on his lips as he stared at her. He was so smitten for her it was heart aching to watch. His love for her was so real and raw, it wasn’t sugar coated or fake in any way. It was the sort of love Hollywood made movies about and the lonely sought after.  

“I,” she took in a deep breath, let out a nervous giggle and looked him directly in the eyes. “I think that you and me,” she paused again, deciding instead to look away from him, looking at him was making her heart thump so loud and fast she was surprised no one else seemed to hear it. “We, we should…” She only had two more words to say yet getting them out was like attempting to bite a jawbreaker. She had never been so nervous, she felt sick to her stomach and sweat covered her palms. She had been trying to get those last two words out for the past three weeks yet they were so hard to say.


“Break… up.” The two last words left her lips, a weight left her shoulders yet guilt filled her heart. She looked over at him and his face had fallen. The eyes that were once filled with love for her were now filled with pain, so much pain. He looked beyond devastated, he looked like he had just had his heart smashed to tiny fragments in the past two seconds. He looked broken, he looked like a human being that had just had their feelings torn to shreds and every ounce of happiness he had felt sucked from him in a matter of seconds.  

“What?” He said weakly, his voice quiet, trembling. His eyes were becoming glassy and his face read the appearance of someone who had just had all they loved tugged away from them. His hands were shaking and he didn’t know what to think or do or say.  

“We should break up, I’m breaking up with you.” She said, not meaning to come off as harsh as she had. She could see that he was feeling a lot more pain than she had initially assumed he was going to feel when she broke what she had to say to him.  

“I- I don’t understand.” His voice was shaking, he seemed so weak and vulnerable. She hadn’t intended for him to feel what he felt so strongly. She cared about him, her last intention was for him to feel pain but she could no longer bite her tongue.

“I know this is sudden, and you can hate me as much as you would like, but I couldn’t force myself to be with you anymore. It was unfair on both you and me.” She spoke, attempting to be calm and separate her emotions from the way she handled the situation. She wanted to take it all back, walk over to him and hug him until he couldn’t help but smile but she knew that was the childish and wrong thing to do. She had things to say and she had to say them before it was too late.

“You’re a great, great guy but we just weren’t meant to last, this relationship wasn’t meant to last.” She said calmly, her hands wrapped around her empty but still warm tea cup. “You and I were great for a while and I will admit that, but it’s time to move on, don’t you think?” She said. He proceeded to stay silent, staring at her with his lips slightly parted. He looked lifeless, numb if anything. He didn’t look angry, he wasn’t yelling or punching walls or flailing around. He was sat with his hands on his lap, completely still.

“I’ll have my stuff out of the apartment by the end of next week and we can divide the stuff we both paid for equally.” She continued to speak when she realised he wasn’t going to reply any time soon. “Um, I’ll help pay rent until you find a cheaper place or something and uh-”

“Was it someone else?” He said, he sounded so weak, so vulnerable. Although they were in a cafe filled with people it felt like they were the only two there.  

“What?” She asked.

“Someone else, are you leaving me,” he sighed, “for someone else.” He sounded so fragile, seeing him in that state was killing her.  

“No, no, no, no, fuck no.” She replied quickly, attempting to reassure him.

“Then,” he sniffled, “am I not good enough?” He questioned, his tears threatening to spill from his eyes and his voice breaking.

“Sweetness, you’re perfect okay, it just,” she paused for a moment, taking his hand from underneath the table and holding it. “I don’t want this anymore. I’m tired.” She said, looking him in his glossy brown eyes. He blinked and tears fell, rolling down his cheeks to his chin, his breathing was ragged and rushed.

“I’ll change, I’ll be better, I swear, I fucking swear I’ll be better.” He spoke quickly, his voice was higher, he found it hard to talk due to the growing lump in his throat.  

“It’s not you, okay?”

“Then what is it?” He was on the brink of yelling. She rubbed his knuckles with her thumb, attempting to calm him down.

“It’s the relationship.” She said. “I’m so tired of doing the same thing all the time. I’m so bored of it all.” She said. “I had to end it, if I didn’t I would have gone insane.” She continued. “I love you, I have never loved anyone the same way I love you.” She added. It was true, she had fallen head over heals for Calum in the past two years and felt such immense and powerful feelings for him. “But I can’t keep on forcing myself to be part of something that no longer makes me happy.” She explained.  

“Do I no longer make you happy?” He questioned.

“You, you make me so fucking happy, but this, us, we, doesn’t.”  

“But, I love you.” He whispered. He didn’t know what else to say other than that. He thought they were going to last for however long forever is. He thought she would be his side, he thought she was his soul mate.

“I love you too, but I’m unhappy”, she said quietly,  "if you love me don’t you want me to be happy?“ More tears proceeded to roll down his cheeks and quiet sobs emitted from his mouth. He pulled his hand out of her grip, covered his face and attempted to wipe away the tears that never seemed to stop falling.

"But I thought,” he said, roughly wiping his face with sleeve. “I thought we were going to last forever.” He said, his face red and eyes bloodshot and puffy.

“Nothing lasts forever Calum, no matter how much we want it to.” She said. “Everything in life is temporary.”

And that was the moment when Calum realised that no matter how unreal she seemed to be, no matter how heavenly being with her was, no matter how many times he swore she had to be a magical being, she was real, he was real, their relationship and love for one another was real and everything real has to end at some point. She took his breath away, she was one of the prettiest girls with the prettiest smiles he had ever come across but he got caught up, he forgot the simple rule that stopped him from getting hurt time and time again. ‘Everything is temporary’.

things you don’t expect to hear in d&d:

  • “this is where they do the blindspot post.”
  • “nobody carries around dumbbells”
  • “my favorite terrain is recording studios”
  • “oh I drove here separately!”
  • “push my butt so I can get up higher”
  • “okay, there are termites”
  • “that’s what you get for looking at twitter your whole session”
  • “and what do you want us to do?”
  • “I get some kleenex out of my purse”
  • “it’s The Last of Us, dude. it’s all over. we should just eat Taliesin and move on.”
  • “why are we carrying the dog?” “I promised my friend that I would take care of him this weekend.” “I’m pretty sure your friend’s dead.”
  • “are they paying you more than me?”
  • “I’m pretty sure we’re not being paid for that session.” “it’s just, I need that money.” “your house is gone.”
  • “I’m still a little upset that we talked about eating me before the dog”
  • “I’m sorry I said I was gonna eat you, just go check out the sound”
  • “well, birds are alive still, so it’s not all weird creatures”
  • “can I have a piggy-back ride?”
  • “I see my wife take off running, I turn around and I elbow Taliesin in the head and I take off running after her”
  • “…like a linebacker- is that the right term in football?” “yep, absolutely”
  • “was that like a snapchat filter or something?”
  • “that is fucking conan o'brien”
  • “tentacle that bitch up”
  • “you’re a voice actor”
  • “chill, motherfucker”
  • “just one dagger I throw at this leeeem”
  • “I tell the pug to go find that dagger”
  • “watch your six, that’s what they say in games”
  • “help him!” “give him some advil!” “as a bonus action I give him some advil”
  • “stop slapping me, stop slapping me!” “not yet!”
  • “‘automatic crit with quadruple damage?’”
  • “alright you’re fine, I’ve stopped slapping you”
  • “hentai power! might wanna clean that off”
  • “I’m gonna protect my husband!”
  • “I think I’ve got some neosporin in my purse”
  • “you could stand on the dog and get another foot”
  • “I turn to conan o'brien and say 'will you accept a sacrifice for mercy?’” “he calls down and says 'I’m listening.’” “I turn to sam and I try to cut one of his arms off”
  • “I am worth more than you, motherfucker!”
  • “it just took conan o'brien for us to turn on each other”
  • “I rub all over his chest to try to warm up his body”
  • “hey! my dog gets an attack of opportunity”
  • “travis willingham! you do not kill sam riegel right now!”
  • “the lich is still alive?!” “..conan is still here”
  • “braces, what?! invisalign?!”
  • “come on you hentai motherfucker!”
  • “I stick it in the gym bag” “the gym bag of holding?”
  • “over the next day I kill taliesin and sam and I start the new human race with my wife”
Things I love: commercials that pretend to be real life conversations

It’s usually like two women in a kitchen talking about periods or something and then one of them just starts straight up dropping knowledge and product specs about Kleenex or some shit. “Did you know that Kleenex is made with 17% recycled organic alpaca wool?” Well now I do, crazy lady who talks like nobody talks ever! Say, it almost sounds like you work for them or something… “HAHA, no, I JUST REALLY LOVE KLEENEX.”

Like I said, there are really two major parts to this goodbye. The second part probably qualifies as the scene that fans used the most tissues on all TV season. I should’ve bought stock in Kleenex before this scene because an entire box of tissue met its demise. Claire and Jamie ride to Craig Na Dun and it’s there that Heughan and Balfe deliver one of their best scenes this season. From Balfe’s gut wrenching pleading to Heughan’s stoic moments, Outlander shines the brightest during this scene of total defeat. Balfe and Heughan exceed every expectation and bring this pivotal scene from Dragonfly in Amber to life.

“Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well.” Heughan delivers this iconic line from the novel perfectly. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Heughan is the breakout star of Outlander. He has grown so much as an actor during the first two seasons. Heughan, alongside Balfe, have brought two iconic fictional characters to life with grace, heart and tenacity. This final goodbye between Jamie and Claire showcases Heughan and Balfe at their strongest. With one final kiss, Jamie steadies Claire and walks her towards the stones. A beautiful moment perfectly executed by every department on Outlander. From the synchronized choreography executed by Heughan and Balfe to the incredible location to the writing, Outlander proves it’s a heavy hitter. With one final tear down Jamie and Claire’s cheeks, Claire passes through the stones leaving fans and Jamie utterly heartbroken.


Nora Dominick, Emertainment Monthly

(gif credit @sikanapanele)

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If your still taking prompts can you do hockey mom lardo

I am going to do a bullet list of headcanons because it would be too long of a fic to include everything Lardo does as a hockey mom.

  • Bonds with real hockey moms during games. They swap ridiculous stories about their hockey boys.
  • Carries so much shit with her that’s not even for her.
    • Bandaids, Kleenex, extra earbuds (because Holster always forgets his during away games), extra socks, water bottles, Febreeze, gum, hand sanitizer, granola bars, clean underwear, lotion, condoms, quarters (because Ransom and Holster always get distracted by those claw games), disinfectant wipes, plastic bags, safety pins, sewing kit, travel pillow, Tylenol/Advil, heat packs, cold packs, polysporin, drink crystals, sleep masks, ear plugs.
  • Goes with the team to every away game because they need her.
  • Has to remind the boys to do their laundry occasionally or else they forget.
  • Has been known to check up on players that get sick. Will often bring medicine, food, and a movie.
  • Rarely ever gets sick.
    • Except for that one time. No one likes to talk about that dark time. Everything was a disaster.
  • Has perfected the “you are disappointing your mother” stare.
  • Can detect when any of her boys are lying to her.
  • Has been called “Mom” by Chowder.
    • Chowder has also called several people “mom”, including Bitty and Dr. Adkins.
  • Wants them to text her to let her know they got home safe after parties.
  • Bitty now shares “hockey mom” responsibilities and it’s nice to have a “co-mom”.
  • On an unrelated note, Holster likes to quote Mean Girls to the frogs (not the frogs, but freshmen in general).
    • “I just want you to know, if you ever need anything, don’t be shy, OK? There are NO rules in the Haus. I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”
    • “You’re not their mom at all, Holster.”

bambam probably spent 12 hours in iMovie making this for us, wow 💕

but really thats my biggest pet peeve, IF YOU BOTHERED PUTTING YOUR CLOTHES IN THE DRYER THEN YOU FOLD THEM OTHERWISE THEY WRINKLE AND YOU HAVE TO IRON IT AND HE DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO IRON SO I DO IT. his biggest pet peeve is I collect anything free (mostly paint samples) and leave them in his car hahaha

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i am SCREAMING THESE CLIFFHANGERS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME I SWEAR IM JUST SO IM ACTUALLY CRYING WTF WHY ARE YOU SUCH A GOOD WRITER WHY ARE YOU GOOD AT DRAWING WHY JUST WHYyyy i just brb sobbing i love you i'll be waiting for the next chapter .... alone ... in the darkness of my room ... with tears ...... and kleenex tissues surrounding me ..... avoiding human interaction ,,,,, have a good day hajimama

A story in three acts.