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What I keep in my backpack for highschool and college…… Backpack: Fjallraven Kanken Classic in Ochre 1 ½ inch binder from Fivestar 3 Grid Ruled Notebooks from Fivestar 2 Wide Ruled Notebooks from Fivestar Planner from VS Pink Index Card Holder Graphing Calculator Various Makeup and Headphones in a small bag (not pictured) 3 pencils, 2 black pens and 2 colored pens on the side pocket Colorful pens, extra pencils, sticky notes, etc. in a pencil pouch Not pictured: Kleen Kanteen, lunch, laptop, wallet and keys/flash drive on a school lanyard

submitted by Tim Galloway

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Small load out to go on a hike. Some “just in case” tools including a small fire kit in a waterproof container (Pelican or other).

I wanted to share my way of a making a tasty and affordable version of Starbucks passion iced tea. It’s been hot here and I get frustrated not being able to have caffeinated tea. I really like the passion tea at Starbucks but 1) Starbucks is expensive  2) Starbucks is a company that supported no on Prop 37 here in California  3) Getting drinks from there all the time creates a lot of waste.

All you need to re-create their iced tea is:

  • a box of the Tazo passion tea bags (I bag is good but if your like me you may want to drink this a lot)
  • A reusable bottle of some sort. I really recommend the Klean Kanteen insulated bottles. They cost almost $30 but are well worth it. It keeps my drinks ice cold literally all day and it keeps hot drinks steaming hot too! And they don’t get weird tastes and are good for you and the earth. :)
  • Stevia. I don’t put sugar in my drinks and I don’t do chemical sweeteners like Splenda. Stevia is a natural plant and it is very potent. A little bit goes a long way. A lot of people don’t like the taste of Stevia, you just gotta find the right brand and get used to it. Stevia is also an alkaline food so that’s another plus! :)

I fill my Kleen Kanteen about half way up with ice. I add about two little scoops of stevia (which is probably about a pinkies nail worth). Next I put the tea bag in the bottle, I like to hang the tag out the side so I don’t have to fish it out. And then I top it off with water. I give it all a little shake and wait about 10 minutes and then voila! My own version of the Starbucks passion iced tea. It actually tastes pretty darn close and is a lot better for me  then if I went to Starbucks.  :)

I hope this inspires you to make your own iced tea. :)


Anyone who knows me in an academic setting is well aware that I come prepared. For this journey I have the following:

  1. Cell Phone (Android) - It really doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have but if you have a smartphone like an Android or iPhone you have at your disposal a variety of apps that allow you to get the most out your work outs. I will address these cool apps later on the list. A cell phone is needed JUST IN CASE for those late night - early morning runs on the pavement. 
  2. Refillable Water Bottle - I have a Kleen Kanteen with the sports cap. Gotta save that dollar!!!
  3. Comfortable Workout Clothes - NO SWEATS!!! All your sweat sticks to the material and drags you down. 
  4. Music - Exercisers can improve their performance by as much as 15% if they listen to music while working out according to The BASES Expert Statement of the Use of Music in Exercise. So play music that will motivate you. 
  5. Apps - RunKeeper by FitnessKeepr, Inc. I love this app because you input data manually, great for treadmill time :) As I venture on to the pavement I will begin to use My Tracks by the My Tracks Team at Google. My Tracks uses the GPS in your phone to map out your outdoor activity and allows you to do some really neat stuff with that data. 

I was at the gym last night and I did really great. I will update you on the ACTUAL workouts soon. Tonight I’m going to map out a run around my neighborhood so I can finally punish that pavement!!!