GULLRUTEN AWARDS 2017 - SKAM content only

Masterpost including every SKAM-related thing happened at the Gullruten Awards 2017

Before the event

Photos with fans: x, x, x, x, x, xx, x

Photo of the boys with the Prime Minister of Norway

Video with a fan

Photos with the interviewer: x, x

Henrik and Tarjei on the red carpet

Photos of Henrik and Tarjei: x, x, x, x, xx, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, xx, x, xx

Henrik’s mom IG post

Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3

Interview 4

Interview 5

Interview 6

Interview 7

Interview 8

Interview 9

Interview 10

During the event

Photo in the audience

“O Helga Natt” wins TV Moment of the Year

The boys announcing the best female actress winner

Tarjei doesn’t win ‘best actor’ so David and Henrik comfort him

Lady talking about Henrik and Tarjei

The eyebrow thing

Henrik and Tarjei ft. KISS CAM

The story behind the kiss cam

Henrik and Tarjei win the “Audience Award”


Videos: xx (translation)

Seconds before Henrik and Tarjei win their award

After the event

Photos of the boys on the red carpet: x, x, x, x

Photos with fans: xx, x, x, x, x, xxx, x, x

Tarjei and Henrik’s interview + the other boys interview

Henrik’s IG story

Sacha’s IG stories: xx, x

Marlon’s IG stories (10 stories in one video)

The day after

Henrik’s mom IG post

Tarjei’s comment on FB

Hartvig Nissen School statement

Photos with fans: x, x, x, x

Mari Magnus’ video of Henrik, Sacha and Marlon with fans

Henrik’s IG posts: x, x

Henrik’s IG stories: x, x, x, x

David’s IG post