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Klaus Appreciation Week 😍 Day Three

Klaus and favourite family member scenes. 

The Originals season 3 finale

What the fuck? Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me right now?       Is that how they are gonna bloody end it? Are you fucking kidding me?

No Klope moment, no Klebekah moment, no Klayley, fucking hell Klaroline? What the fuck? I am so fucking mad right now, you can not bloody end it like that! This is madness!


Klebekah Appreciation Week ~ Day 4: Favourite ‘Partners-in-Crime’ Moment

“Yeah, you’ll have to excuse the mess. Apparently Damon hurt her feelings.”


One of the many things I love about klamille? It’s a relationship Rebekah and Elijah, the two people that love Klaus and know him best, approve of. Especially with Rebekah. She hasn’t been around but she can recognize the effect Cami’s had on Klaus, his mood is better, he listens to her, and in 3x09 she saw he was in love. Love. Love. Love. Rebekah knows her brother’s in love with Cami and she gave him that extra push. It’s beautiful not only that but she knows Cami makes Klaus happy. That was a small beautiful moment with klebekah