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we could be K I N G and Q U E E N of the moonlight (x)

(a/n: for klayley week, day 2 (hybrids), setting: au wolf tribes verse/ or the one where Hayley’s tribe marries her off to Jackson, and she decides to run)

She’s tripped over a rock, blood running down her knee, bruises and scrapes all along the length of her exposed skin as the trees and branches left her with open wounds. 

Of all people, the hybrid finds her first; all twisted and worn out. Klaus thinks that she resembles a dear with a broken leg, rather than a wolf. 

“I see you’ve gotten yourself in quite a predicament there, little wolf.” His words demand her attention, in a rather sneaky way.

Hayley Marshall looks up at him, trying her best to hide her fear. “You’re the hybrid,” she tells him, watching him smirk at her conclusion.

“Brava,” he sarcastically says, “what gave me away?”

Hayley rolls her eyes. “Your scent,” she answers him anyway. “You smell like a demon,” she says, hissing at this abomination.

He, mercilessly, yanks on her injured hand. “Careful now love,” he warns, fangs elongating. “I’m known to be quite the heartless villain, you wouldn’t want to get on my bad side now, would you?”

Hayley tries to take her hand back, but Klaus’ grip is strong and firm.

“Let me go!” She demands.

He only pull her closer, lips hovering dangerously close to her ear. “You should know better than to runaway, darling.” Klaus tells her. “Or haven’t you heard the stories?”

Hayley swallows, hard. The tales the older wolves once told her were indeed true. Klaus…Niklaus, the hybrid was known for his various abductions, taking young wolves and turning them in to monstrous abominations, just like himself.

Meanwhile, Klaus is observing her wrists, adorned with ancient tribal jewels and union markings. He tilts his head to one side, eyes glinting. “You’re a bride,” he says, fingers dancing along the length of her decorated arms. 

“Not exactly.” Hayley shakes her head. “More like a ‘runaway bride’, actually.” She doesn’t know why she’s telling him, but she figures that if she was going to die, or be killed, someone out there might as well know the truth. Even if that certain someone was, indeed, her natural predator. 

To her surprise, Klaus smiles from ear to ear. “A…runaway?”

Hayley nods as he slowly releases her hand. She rubs her fingers over the bruises he left on her skin. “I never wanted to get married,” she shrugs. “So I left him at the altar, his pack will probably catch up with me, now that I’m injured.” She pouts.

Klaus reaches over, fingers wrapping around her chin, tilting her head upwards so she will look at him. “I could always turn you,” he suggests, smirking her way. “I highly doubt that the wolves would ever want a half-breed, or a bride tainted by my fiendish touch.”

Hayley glares at him, pushing his hand away from her face. “I’d rather die.”

His laugh could be heard from miles away. “Very well then, sweetheart,” Klaus starts to walk away from her. “I’ll leave you to your death,” he turns on his heel, fluffy brown tail wagging along.

Somehow, someway, Hayley can’t help but feel as though she’d made a grave mistake.


“There are two sides to every person: one that we reveal to the world and another we keep hidden inside, a duality governed by the balance of light and darkness. Within each of us is the capacity for both good and evil, but those who are able to blur the moral dividing line hold the true power."