Let me tell you something about Klaus Mikaelson. We were best friends in the 1920s. I know, right? It’s so embarrassing. I don’t even… Whatever. So then, I started going out with his sister Rebekah who was totally gorgeous but then she got staked, and Klaus was like, weirdly jealous of her. Like, if I would blow him off to hang out with Rebekah, he’d be like, “Why didn’t you call me back?” And I’d be like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” So then, for my birthday party, which was a ripper party, I was like, “Klaus, I can’t invite you, because I think you’re a homosexual.” I mean I couldn’t have a homosexual at my party. There were gonna be boys there being ripped apart. I mean, right? He was a HOMOSEXUAL. So then his dad came running in trying to hunt Klaus and Rebekah down, it was so retarded. And then he compelled me to forget the whole thing, and he came back in town, all possessing Alaric and he was totally weird, and now I guess he’s obsessed with Caroline.


Timeless: The End

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So basically new spoilers say that he’s gonna waltz in da room ‘n go “I love Xmas” and she’ll be all “wow haven’t you seen like a jillion or something” then he goes “you can have a thousand more xmas'es all you have to do is ask.” She rolls her eyes at this, but after 4 glasses of eggnog they bang under the tree. Ornaments flew all over the place. Frosty the snowman melted outside in 40 degrees, because his horny ass was watching.

SOMETHING GOOD CAN WORK  |  by klausykins
“Caroline Forbes has finally got her life in a good place. After a graduation trip with best friends Stefan Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett to Hawaii, Caroline realized that Mystic Falls wasn’t it for her anymore and decided to stay. Now, five years later just as her life is finally seeming to be normal, enter a new love who could potentially change it all.”

Fanfics I Enjoy: Something Good Can Work by Klausykins

Caroline smiled. Jenna should learn not to leave her employees drunken voicemails in the middle of the night.

“Anyway, I wanted to tell you something but you left me for that guy at the bar you little slut. I hope he was worth it.”

Caroline looked over her shoulder at the sleeping Nik and nodded her head. Oh yeah, he had been worth it.

“The new owner guy will be at the hotel tomorrow, or today, I don’t even know what time it is. So, be on your best behavior and show me why I fought to have you promoted. His name is something crazy, like Niklaus Mikaelson. Oh God did I say that right? Wow go me! Anyway, he goes by Nik if that’s easier for you to remember. Just, be good, okay, and make sure everyone is on point. I’ll see you at work. Bye whore.”

Caroline froze as she heard what Jenna had said.

He goes by Nik if that’s easier for you to remember.

Caroline turned around and looked at Nik as he rolled around toward her and closed her eyes, shaking her head.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, her hand covering her mouth as she watched his eyes slowly open. {xxx}

It’s usually an unspoken rule of quality fanfics that you don’t, under ANY circumstances, have your main couple have sex within the first chapter. But thank goodness, Klausykins aka Kady doesn’t play by the rules. I’m obsessed with AU’s and especially the human ones! Kady’s writing is funny and goofy and super sexy. Not to mention, the fic has a great Steroline friendship and a characterization of Elena that we can truly loathe and not feel guilty over. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out!

Something Good Can Work by klausykins

Summary: A Klaroline AU/AH - Caroline Forbes has finally got her life in a good place. After a graduation trip with best friends Stefan Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett to Hawaii, Caroline realized that Mystic Falls wasn’t it for her anymore and decided to stay. Now, five years later just as her life is finally seeming to be normal, enter a new love who could potentially change it all.

If you love this story like I do, and want to re-read it many times..wishing you could have it on a ebook, now you can!

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Chapter 25

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“Does my hair look fine?” Caroline asked somberly, attempting to check it in the small rear view mirror, attempting to straighten it by running her fingers through it. 

“It looks fine” Klaus commented, holding in a smile. Her hair looked it had been attacked by a raccoon and then stomped on by a porcupine, which it had not of course. The current state of her frazzled, unruly hair was credit to his harsh fingers tugging on it in every direction. But she was to blame for that, she’s the one who decided to push the drivers seat back and crouch in between his legs. Not that he discouraged her. 

“Come on” He said impatiently, dragging her out of her seat. He wanted this ‘get together’ over with as soon as possible, having no interest in interacting with the scooby-doo gang other than the fact that Caroline demanded it. 

“Does the dress look rumpled” Caroline asked categorically, turning around a full 360 to let him inspect her. He pursed his lips, rumpled is not the word he would use, ravaged was more suited. Her red dress had creases all over it, mostly in the panel below her hips - courtesy the rough way in which he had bunched the blasted dress around her hips to gain access to her core. And there was a small tear in the left strap, again courtesy his desperate need to free her breasts. 

“Caroline, I told you car sex is a messy business” instead he opted to point out his previous statement rather than answer her question. 

“This is your fault, and we’re late” Caroline hissed, grabbing his hand and directing him towards the Salvatore house. 

“Forgive me, but I think you’re the one who got on your knees, unbuttoned my pants and…”

“I was trying to make you more agreeable so you wouldn’t kill my friends” she shrieked, a light blush rising in her cheeks. 

“Well I definitely am more agreeable” He concurred “But that doesn’t mean I won’t kill anyone” he added. 

“Ugh!!” Caroline exclaimed as she rung the bell of the Salvatore house. 

“You’re an hour late” Was the first thing Stefan said when he opened the door, him and Damon eyeing the two of them wearily. Elena peeked from behind him, throwing a glare at Klaus which he happily reciprocated before dragging Caroline inside. 

“Happy Birthday Elena!” She quipped, turning around to give Klaus a 'behave’ look before dissapearing inside. 

“Car sex” Damon nodded his head, snorting in an almost amused way  "Always messy" 

Klaus let out a soft 'hmmm’ before making his way to the alcohol, at least there was something him and the elder Salvatore agreed on. 

Something Good Can Work by klausykins

There was no way she could show her face at the hotel knowing that she slept with the new owner.

She was about to just ask him what his full name was when she remembered something she had told Jenna at the bar last night.

Well what’s his name so I can just Google it?

Caroline grabbed her phone from the bedside table and opened the browser, tapping on the Google sidebar.

“Niklaus Mikaelson,” she murmured as she typed it in. Apparently it really was a weird name because Google had to correct her. She tapped on the images tab and her heart sunk.

The face coming up in a few of the images was the face that matched the man in her bathroom right now.