The origin of The Originals.

  • Following up Trevor’s mention of the “Original Family” in Rose (EP208), we are told the Originals are an actual family: Two parents and seven siblings (Klaus and Elijah being two of those siblings, but half-brothers). The father was a wealthy landowner in Eastern Europe. (You know, where Bulgaria is…? Interesting, no? In the flashback, Elijah gives Klaus a significant glance when introducing Katerina and saying she’s from Bulgaria.) The family was once human. According to Elijah, how they became vampires is a very long story (that we haven’t heard – yet) but all vampires are descended from these original nine vampires. (p.s. May we please see a family portrait? Purdy please?)
  • Elijah makes a point of saying the family was very close, with the exception of Klaus and Elijah’s father. While human, their mother had an affair with a man of a werewolf bloodline. (Werewolves are the oldest supernatural race and this affair was their mother’s “darkest secret.”) Klaus was the product of that affair. So werewolf blood was in Klaus before the Original family was turned into vampires; this heritage wasn’t discovered until after their transformation.
  • Elijah’s father tracked down Klaus’ werewolf father and killed him, along with his entire family. This incident, Elijah claims, sparked the vampire/werewolf feud that still rages to this day.
  • Originals cannot be killed by sunlight (so Elijah’s lapis lazuli ring is just for show? Or does it serve another purpose?), a typical wooden stake, fire, a werewolf bite, etc. Because the witches (“nature’s servants”) won’t allow any truly immortal creature to exist (they require balance), the only way to kill an Original is with the wood from one particular tree, which happened to be white ash. The Original family made sure to burn this tree, but as we know, ashes from the tree exist. For all of this enormous power, we find it so interesting that even Originals cannot escape the “invitation” rule, as was so clearly demonstrated in the opening scene of Klaus. (By the way, we think this scene was more than just an acknowledgment of how a vampire is affected by being in a dwelling without an invitation. We think the audience needs to remember this for a particular reason. Just our gut feeling.)
  • What still remains unclear is whether witches are responsible for the Original family being turned into vampires. Were they created to provide a balance for the werewolves? We have a hard time believing that due to the well-established animosity between witches and vampires. So were they transformed by other means, and why was this particular family chosen?
  • Did you miss that part about there being SEVEN OTHER ORIGINALS? Considering Elijah and Klaus seem to be sitting at opposite ends of the Original spectrum right now, what on earth can we expect from their siblings and parents? This is awesome, right? RIGHT?