Klaus Mikaelson & Elijah Mikaelson - Changing Perceptions

Prompt: Hey! This will probably be a lengthy request (sorry) but do you think you could please write a klaus x reader request please? Where you are his human girlfriend and Elijah doesn’t approve/like you and you know that so in turn you are sassy to him and klaus finds it hilarious. Then one day klaus and Elijah have to deal with a problem (aka lucien) and Elijah comes back dragging an injured klaus who was stabbed with the stake. So you being a nurse take over and take it out and jokingly say “Niklaus, you owe me a new couch” and like kiss his forehead and Elijah kinda watches and realises your relationship is strong because klaus is really affectionate to you. Bonus: if you manage to somehow include the reader being a bitch and punching lucien because she is over his crap. Don’t have to include it if you can’t. That’s all good! :) Thank you! 

You had been waiting for a while for them to return. Every part of you knew it was a terrible idea, the worst idea that both Klaus and Elijah had come up with in a while. They’d gone to fight Lucien. You’d hoped they’d come back quickly, realising that you had been right and they were stupid. But of course, that wouldn’t happen because the Mikaelsons were too stupid to realise that they were stupid. Klaus was your boyfriend so you expected the stupidity from him because he was well, him. Elijah was supposed to be the smart one. 

You’d thought that he left with Klaus just because you’d said it was a bad idea. Elijah didn’t like you very much, if at all. It could be due to the fact that you were constantly at him, sassing him for everything he said, being sarcastic and snapping at him. Klaus found it hilarious… Elijah, not so much. In your defence though, he didn’t like you even before that. He didn’t approve of you and his brother together. You’d thought that it was because you were human and Klaus was so far from but you didn’t really know. 

 You’d started to pace when you heard a groan from the doorway. You frowned, rushing towards the sound and stopping when you saw the brothers. Elijah was dragging Klaus next to him, your boyfriend bleeding excessively, leaving a trail behind him that you’d no doubt have to clean up later. You rushed back over to the couch, clearing it of cushions as Elijah placed Klaus down. Your boyfriend lay down dramatically, his hand shooting to the stake protruding from his chest.

 "Lucien staked him.“ Elijah explained gruffly. You rolled you eyes, sitting on Klaus so your knees were either side of him. 

"Really? I wouldn’t have noticed.” You replied dryly. Klaus managed a chuckle, blood coughing up as he did. You sighed, smoothing his hair down and not breaking eye contact as you rested your knee on his chest and used your other hand to pull out the stake. He gasped as the wood left his chest, the wound closing up before you’d even fished out the whole stake. 

You smiled at Klaus, throwing the stake on the floor next to you. As you got up, you pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. He grabbed your hand before you could go, smiling up at you. 

“Thank you, love.” You grinned back. 

“It’s not a problem.” You replied before frowning. “Though you do owe me a new couch, Niklaus.” Elijah watched the interaction with narrowed eyes. Maybe you weren’t as bad as he thought you were. He barely registered you talking to him as he watched his brother’s face, full of adoration as he looked at you. 

“Where’s Lucien now?” You inquired, not looking at Elijah considering your rocky relationship. 

“Freya is disposing of him. He’s weakened, she just needs to find a spell to kill him” He responds without the usual bite. You kissed Klaus on the forehead before starting for the door, rolling up your sleeves. 

“Where are you going?” Klaus asked, sitting up. 

“Lucien needs a lesson the human way. I’m sure he won’t mind a black eye in his grave.” You replied before leaving. If you hadn’t have known better, you would’ve said that you saw a small smile on Elijah’s face before you left.


Cause we’re hot like hell. Does it burn when I’m not there? When you’re by yourself. Am I the answer to your prayers, I’m giving you that pleasure heaven and I’ll give it to you                                                                           Hotter than hell 

Elijah Mikaelson: Thank You

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Warning: None

Requested: Sorry it took so long, but i was on Vacation now I’m baack and back to writing. hope you like this.

Elijah Mikaelson one shot of being the youngest Salvatore sister who has been BFFs with Rebekah since the 1920s and Rebekah cooks up the idea of having a Mikaelson family game night to bond them and the reader does everything she can to make sure all the Mikaelsons are there and in ‘good’ mood because she sees how much it means to Rebekah and after the reader is cleaning up and Elijah comes in and thanks her for putting Rebekah above everything else and confesses to loving her?

Elijah Mikaelson: Thank You

“Okay, okay. I’m on my way.” You tell Rebekah on the phone and get your keys. “Be glad I love you.”

“Oh, I am glad see you in a bit love.” She says and hangs up.

“Where are you going?” Stefan asked you, he just walked in as you were leaving the house.

“I’ meeting Rebekah.” You told him and he didn’t look pleased, but he and Damon knew not to comment on it after all the fights you had about that subject. You were the youngest of the Salvatore siblings, you had a hold on them that even Elena didn’t have.

“Okay, just be careful.” He said and I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you Stef.”

“I love you too (y/n).”

You got in your car and drove to the Mikaelson’s. It was a quick drive with the speed you were going on. When you got there you didn’t bother with knocking, every person who lived here could hear you before you stepped in, and they all seemed to like you.

“Bekah.” You called and looked for her.

“In the kitchen!” You walked to the big kitchen and found Bekah with a few cooking books around her.

“You look like you’re in desperate need of help.” You smirked and gave a laugh. Rebekah just glared.

“If you’re done laughing, can you do what you came here for?” She asked and you stopped laughing and helped her set everything for the dinner.

“This is a lot for a family that can live without food.” You told her after you looked at the recipes. “We’re even making dessert?”

“Yes now help me!” she exclaimed. You started with dessert since you were expert in them.

You got flour, butter, sugar and eggs and all the other things you needed to make a cake. You were done in an hour and the cake had to cool down before the icing.

“Hey (y/n) I hate to ask you this but can you go remind my brothers of tonight?”

“Sure.” You said and turned your vamp hearing to listen to who’s in the house.

“Don’t bother they’re all out.” She smirked and you just rolled your eyes.

You got your hand bag and got out.

“Where to? Where to?” You repeatedly asked yourself. You decided to go to the grill.

You drove to the grill, it was as busy as ever. You stepped inside and looked for a Mikaelson, and a Mikaelson you found. But he wasn’t alone he was in the company of your older brother Damon.

“Damon, Kol what a surprise seeing you both in one room.” You said and clapped them on the back. “Now what are you two gentlemen doing?”

“Your brother was just giving me a warning about hurting you and all that older brother stuff.” Kol said and you turned to Damon and raised an eyebrow.

“Damon, brother can we have a talk you and I?” You moved your head towards the door, he nodded and you both walked outside and far enough for Kol to not hear you. “Look Damon, I usually let you and Kol fight, but please not tonight any day you like just not tonight.”


“Just do it.” You said begging him, Damon eyes softened and he nodded. “Thank you.” You throw your eyes around him and hugged him. “I love you.”

“I love you too, little sister.”

You pulled away from Damon and walked back inside and to where Kol sat at the bar.

“Kol, Rebekah sent me.” You told him and sat in the seat beside him.

“What for?” He asked smirking, after he turned to look at you.

“To remind you of tonight, so please don’t be late for dinner.” You told him, looking at him pleadingly.

“For you I won’t.” He said and you sighed in relief. You gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

You left the Grill and Called Klaus.

“Hello love.” Klaus’ British accent greeted you.

“Hello Klaus. Where are you?” You asked him getting in your car.

“You know somewhere doing somethings.” He said, and you could tell he was smirking.

“I don’t even want to know. Just be home for dinner.” You told him and started the car. “It will mean the world for Rebekah, and you especially. She loves you more than anything.”

“Don’t worry (y/n) I’ll be there.” Klaus’ soft voice told you.

“Okay, see you tonight.”

“Good bye.” And he ended the call.

‘Elijah, where would you be?’ you thought to yourself. You decided to call him too. But he didn’t answer, so you texted him ‘where are you? I need to talk to you.’

You were surprise when you got a text back saying: ‘in the woods.’ So you drove to the woods, and got out of the car, locked it and started walking into the woods. You extended your hearing.

“Over here.” You turned quickly, your heart racing. “I apologize.”

“It’s okay, Elijah.” You said walking up to him. “What are you doing here?”

“I was thinking.” He said and started walking.

“What about?” You asked him walking beside him.

“I would like to keep my thoughts to myself.” He stated and you nodded in understanding.

“Well I came here to remind you of tonight.” You told him and stopped walking, and so did Elijah.

“Don’t worry I’ll be there.”

“Okay, will I’m off then. I have to make sure Rebekah didn’t burn down the house.” You joked and left.

When you got back to the mansion and helped Rebekah with everything as, some waitresses for Tonight arrived.  They were all compelled by Bekah.

By seven everything was ready and the Mikaelson brothers were on their way. One by one they all arrived. First Elijah, then Klaus and lately Kol.

You left the siblings in the inning room, and saw that everything went as planned in the kitchen and what else. It was a few hours before the Mikaelsons were done and they all were hammered, or drunk. So that left you for cleaning with the few still living waitresses. You let the waitresses leave early as you felt sorry for them, and you cleaned the last bit by yourself.

“You don’t have to do that, you know?” Again Elijah scared you. 

“You have to stop scaring me like that.” You said, your hand on your heart. “And I know, I just want Bekah to be happy. And she planned for the girls to clean this mess up and I sent them back to their homes.”

“You are too nice for this family.” Elijah stated and you blushed.

“That is not true, I love this family and I love Bekah as if she was my sister.” You said.

“I want to thank you, for putting Bekah above all else.” He said and took a few steps close to you. “I enjoy how you make my family hope, they all love you and care for you.”

“What about you?” You asked him nervous of the answer. “What do you feel about me?”

“That was what I was thinking about today in the woods.” He stated and taking another few steps toward you. “And in the end I came to the conclusion that I do not care about you like my siblings… I care about you more than them.”

This time you took a few steps closer making you, chest to chest with him.

“I love you.” He said and put his lips on your and they moved in sync. You pulled back in need of air and smiled up at him.

“I love you too Elijah.”


-you would be his and everyone would know it

-hickies probably

-hand holding

-i dunno, i feel he would have a thing for kissing your hand

-holding your hand

-hell, he’d probably even paint and image of your hands

-just… hands?

-growling when people get too close to you

-him being super jealous when other people (specifically guys or his sister) get to hang out with you and he doesnt

- he just wants to be around you 24/7

-so much passion, i mean this is Klaus


-being known by everyone because he is completely in love with you

-he would pamper you

-because you’re queen

-his queen

-so much jewelry, or flowers

-surprise presents 

-neck kisses

-his siblings would love you

-you literally have an army to protect you

-he would show you the world! 

-slow dancing probably 


-playful-ness though, which makes his siblings gag because you two are too cute

-being in your own little world

-(hand marks)

-if he asked you to marry him (which he definitely eventually would) everyone would know and the wedding would be freaking HUGE (and Rebekah would plan the shit out of it)

-calming him down when he’s angry

-running your fingers through his hair (i dunno, he would love it)


gosh i could go on forever

Dating Klaus Mikaelson headcanons

Always having a protective and safe arm around you

Him always giving you “the looks” form across any room

Him respecting you as a person

Holding your hand while driving

Being not only his lover, but his best friend

Hybrid sex/ very passionate

Giving you proper kisses on the front of your hand very cheekily (but cute)

Listening to his daily rants

Attempting to calm him down before he goes out on a killing spree (secretly finding his temper kinda hot)

Being his object and inspiration for painting

Him being really good at getting gifs

Resting your head on his bare chest just before you fall asleep and pressing a kiss to his skin

Surprise get-away’s

Getting to see him smile a lot more often and hear his beautiful laugh

His siblings being really protective over you

Hope loving you

“C’mon, love” (I’m melting just thinking about it omg send help) 

Him coming form behind you and wrapping his strong arms around your waist

That last, meaningful, “I love you” just before you fall asleep 


“mine.” Rebekah stated, grabbing your hand and pulling you towards her.

“no little sister.” Klaus said, grabbing your other hand and tugging, “mine.”

“can’t i spend the day with both of you?” you asked, looking between your best friend and your husband.

they both glared at each other, “no.”

i dunno, they would probably fight over you a ton but you and Klaus would be Rebekah’s OTP

requested by anon