When questioned on what was in store for us when The Originals hits our screens in the Fall, executive producer Julie Plec had this to say, “The first episode is going to be set a few months after the backdoor pilot, to keep the timeline going at the same pace as ‘The Vampire Diaries’, and we’ll see that Klaus has been pretty busy over the summer. Since he learned that he can procreate, he has knocked up numerous werewolves, he’s breeding himself an army.” When we asked how Elijah and Rebekah feel about this, we got the following answer “They’re beyond ecstatic, Elijah especially, who is building a nursery to house all the little cubs.” When questioned on will Marcel try to harm the babies to get to Klaus, the EP said “Even the most bad-ass vampires can’t resist the 'Goo-Gahs’ of babies.
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Klaroliners endured the baby plot

Klaroliners waited 3 seasons to win over Forwood

Klaroliners are overwhelmed when Klaus prononces “Caroline”

Klaroline survived despite Camille and Hayley being “love interest” for Klaus.

Klaroline survived even with the spin-off.

Klaroline is winning more fans everyday

Klaroliners are always happy about the smallest things about their OTP.

Klaroline’s ship is sailing itself

Klaroline is endgame because… HE intends to be her last, however long it takes…

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klayley 1x22

he’s just holding her and tearing

she doesnt care what happens to her she want to get their daughter back

boys discussing thier options

a decision is made by hayley and klaus listens

Elijah is not on board but i love the vibe

hayley and klaus will be the deciders theirs not even discussion the parents are a team on this

baby love 

mummy and daddy strong