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Spoilers of the ending of season 5

pairing(s): Klaus x reader, reader x Mikaelson family

Summary: it’s been years since the passing of Klaus and his brother. He finds his way back as a ghost, and finds out that the reader can see him. (still sucking at summaries) // requested by anon

Being a friend, or more like a family member, to the Mikaelsons wasn’t always easy. Especially when you found out that Klaus was dying, and Elijah was willing to follow into his younger brother’s footsteps.

You found yourself watching over his sleeping figure, looking at the black veins that first covered up Hope’s body, but now decorated Niklaus’. You knew he was dying soon, but he decided he didn’t want to wait any longer. He was going to do it himself.

The night when Klaus and Elijah left, when they took each other’s lifes away, the family had spread. Marcel and Rebekah were wherever they were, Hope wanted to go back to school, Kol went back to Davina, and you stayed in New Orleans with Freya and Keelin.

You knew the spot where it happened, you could feel the energy surrounding the area. You often found yourself sitting on the same bench where the pair of brothers sat before their story stopped. You considered leaving town, but you just couldn’t leave this place that had so many memories.

Walking back inside the compound, you cursed yourself for forgetting about the monthly family gathering. Quickly wiping away the tears, you headed up back to your room as you missed dinner anyway.

You sat down on the bed, looking for a pen and your notebook. “Letters to my older brother,” the front of the book spelled out, it was filled with letters you’d written for Klaus but never actually send to him whenever you were apart.

You’d write about your emotions, to make sure they weren’t fully consuming you alive. You lost track of time while writing, fully unaware of the tears that either fell down on your shirt or on the paper laying on your lap.

Hearing someone clear it’s throat, you lifted your head to see Rebekah standing in the doorway. She looked tired, just like you. A pityful smile on her face. Taking a seat next to you, she pulled you in for a hug, something you could use at the moment.

“I miss them too. More than you know,” nobody spoke about it. It was the first time in years she brought the death of Nik and Elijah up. “It’s not supposed to be like this, is it?” You asked her, still not accepting that this was how their lifes ended. “It’s not.” She told you, before getting up again and leaving your room.

“Dry those tears, love.” A familiar voice spoke, a voice you missed dearly. “Nik? What are you doing here?” You hesitated. “I.. can reach out to you when you’re thinking about me,” he explained, “I’ve been trying to reach you for years, I can’t believe it’s finally working.”

“Do the others see you?” You questioned, still not believing your brother was standing in front of you. “Aunt, who were you talking to?” Hope walked in, a little confused. Your gaze was now switching from Hope, to Klaus, and back to Hope. “No one sweatheart, go to bed.” You told her, as she left.

“Everyone’s gonna think I’m going insane, Nik.” A chuckle escaped his lips, the stupid smirk playing on his face. “No. They can’t see me.” Letting your head hit the pillow, you closed your eyes for a second. “Tell Freya to look through mother’s spell books. I left her a message.” Opening your eyes to see if he was being serious, you couldn’t see him anymore.

You told Freya the exact thing he had told you to tell her, then headed straight back to your room, deciding to sleep for a good 12 hours just in case you were really going insane for the lack of sleep over the years.

Another month passed by, you noticed how much time Freya spend on the cementary, but you did not think much about it. It was dinner night again, distaning yourself from the rest of the family, you sat down at the long dining table. Klaus’ and Elijah’s spot stayed empty for all those years.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a hand on your shoulder. As your eyes followed the arm, you looked Klaus in the eye again. “You can touch me now? Great.” You sighed, not wanting this to happen before they would send you to an insane asylum.

“Love, stand up please.” He demanded, but his tone staying soft. Doing as told, you were engulfed in a hug. The sense of comfort of being back in his arm was overwhelming, the scent calming your mind. Hearing a glass shatter, you pulled away and turned around it was Rebekah, the others standing beside or behind her.

Klaus’ arm was still wrapped around your shoulder, his other arm holding his younger sister close. Kol was the first one to hug Elijah, you knew he’d never admit it but he missed his brothers too. You watched the scene play out in front of you, hugs being shared with practically everyone.

Dinner was filled with laughters, and stories being told about what the pair of brother’s had missed. Thank you’s being send to Freya, for managing to resurrect not one, but both Original brothers.

Couple of hours later, you were pretty sure you were drunk. Finding yourself seated in front of the fireplace in your room, you could see Klaus sitting down next to you. His arm around your shoulder once again, pulling you closer to him.

Still not believing you had both of them back, you closed your eyes, leaning your head against his chest. “Thank you for everything,” he started, “for.. not forgetting about me. For actually telling Freya about the spell book.. I was always with you. Sitting next to you on that bench, I knew you could feel my presence, when you wrote all those letters the last couple of years..”

Tears were now falling again, leaving you with a lump in your throat. Your eyes opening to look at the picture on the chimney, a drawing Klaus had made of the entire family together. “This, this is how it’s supposed to be Nik.”

klaus mikaelson imagine | you’re the salvatore's sister

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words: 1075

warnings: threats of death and violence

prompt: [requested by anon]  Idk if requests are open bc your bio and header are giving kind of mixed messages but if they are, could you do a klaus mikaelson imagine where the reader is salvatore sister please !!!! Thank you 💞 

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You entered your bedroom when a hand was placed over your mouth and you were pulled into someone’s body. You would recognise the scent of him anywhere and your tensed body softened as you turned around to face Klaus Mikaelson.

“What are you doing here?” you whispered, pretending to be angry though you and him both knew you would always be glad to see him. “If my brothers find out—”

“Yes, yes,” he rolled his eyes, sounding bored, “they’ll burn me at the stake and use my skin to make their lampshades. You’re forgetting the part where they can’t kill me, love. I’m not afraid of your brothers.”

You had been in a secret relationship with Klaus for months now, too afraid to tell Damon and Stefan because you knew they wouldn’t approve—and that was an understatement. You shook your head now, letting him pull you close again so your foreheads would have been touching if he wasn’t so much taller than you.

“You should be. They’ll never let us be together if they find out. They’d sooner die.”

“Then die they shall,” he teased.

You flashed him an unimpressed look, pulling out of his grasp and sitting on your bed.

“Come on, [Y/N]. I’m joking. I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you.” He sat beside you, cupping your face in his hands and kissing you softly. You allowed him to, returning his kisses more passionately a few moments later until he was lying on top of you on the bed, ready to take his shirt off. That was, until you heard your door slamming open.

Damon and Stefan stood in the doorway, glaring with furrowed brows and balled fists as they took in the sight of you and Klaus.

You shuffled into a sitting position quickly, pushing Klaus off you so he almost fell off the bed. “Do you mind? You can’t just barge into my room!”

“I can if there’s a psychopathic hybrid in here with you,” Damon replied through gritted teeth. “Care to explain what’s going on?”

Before you knew it, Stefan had flown across the room and grabbed Klaus by his shirt, slamming him against the wall until it made a dent in the plaster. “What do you want with my sister?”

“Let him go,” you ordered, standing up in an attempt to pull Stefan away. He wouldn’t budge, his green eyes frozen on Klaus’s smirking face. You hated that he was enjoying this after all of the warnings you had given him.

“Yes, love,” Klaus answered in your direction. “Isn’t it time we told your dear brothers the truth?”

You scowled at him, your gaze returning to Damon.

“Answer the question, [Y/N],” he demanded.

You sighed, hanging your head in shame. “Klaus and I … We’ve been seeing one another … in secret.”

“Has he been taking advantage of you?” Stefan asked, slamming Klaus into the wall again. “What was she to you, some kind of game you could play to get to us?”

“No!” You and Klaus said simultaneously.

“It isn’t like that,” you whispered. “We’re … in love. We’re together. In a relationship.”

Damon scoffed at this, crossing his arms over his chest. “Like hell you are.”

“It’s true,” Klaus added, his voice cracking from Stefan’s arm at his neck. “I love your sister. As much as I would love to torture you, it was never about that. If it was, I certainly wouldn’t have hidden it, would I? Now, we both know I’m very capable of fighting back, so how about you kindly remove your arm from my neck and we can talk about this like civilised adults.”

Stefan obeyed, though he didn’t look happy as he became eye level with Klaus. “And you expect us to believe you’re telling the truth?”

“I expect nothing. The only person I care to prove myself to is her, and clearly I am not doing too bad a job.”

“I don’t expect you to understand,” you said, “and I certainly don’t expect you to approve. But you can’t stop this. I will choose who I love, and I choose Klaus. I’m sorry if that hurts you.”

“After everything he’s done, you’re just going to betray us for him?” Stefan asked, hurt pooling in his eyes as he turned to look at you. “He’s a monster.”

“We’re all monsters,” you replied calmly. “You think you and Damon are any better? You think I’m any better? We’ve all killed. We’ve all caused pain. I chose to see what lay underneath all that, just like Elena did for you. I liked what I saw.”

“And will you still like it when he rips your heart out?” Damon snapped, his anger still evident.

“That won’t happen,” Klaus replied, standing in front of you as though protecting you from their judgement. “That will never happen. You have my word.”

“Your word means nothing.”

“Perhaps not, but why else would I be here if not for love? I have given my heart to her—do you think that is something I do often? I am not interested in harming you anymore. I am only interested in your sister’s happiness. If you are, too, you would see that what we’re saying is true, and that getting in the way of it will only make her unhappy.”

Stefan’s gaze fell to you. “And you trust him?”

“I do,” you nodded.

“Then it’s your own funeral.” With that, he walked out of the door, leaving only Damon standing in his wake.

“If you hurt her,” he growled, “I will kill you myself. I don’t care if it wipes out the entire bloodline. Do you hear me?”

Klaus smiled, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction. “Loud and clear.”

Damon nodded, leaving and allowing the door to slam shut behind him.

You let out a sigh of relief, putting your head in your hands. “That could have gone worse, I suppose.”

“Well, there are no severed limbs scattered about the place. That’s a win in my books,” he joked, his fingers curling around your wrist so that you were forced to look at him. His expression was no longer taunting—it was grave. “I will prove to them that this is real. They will see that I would never harm you. They will see that I love you–with every fibre of my being.”

You nodded, your eyes fluttering shut as he left a kiss on your forehead.

“I believe you.”

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okay I was having this conversation last night and I want all of you to stop what you’re doing and picture this;

You are doing the dance number from Dirty Dancing for (I Had) The Time Of My Life with Elijah and it’s all well and good and cute or whatever and then halfway through the dance, big ZADDY Klaus swoops in and takes over the dance. And like, ya’ll do the lift. And Elijah is just hella mad at Klaus and Klaus winks at him. You’re just there very confused.

Klonnie - Dissertation

Klonnie- Dissertation

A klonnie story with a side of Bonlijah + Mikaelson family.

Bonnie Bennett is doing her dissertation in mythical studies as part of her research she signs up for a pupillage programme in NOLA headed by the original vampire, Elijah Mikaelson… only one can be chosen.

Bonnie is successful in obtaining the pupillage and goes to Nola.

Elijah is a great teacher and they soon strike up a friendship whilst the rest of his family are great, his brother the original hybrid, Klaus gets under Bonnie’s skin. He’s arrogant, moody and she’s surprised his family puts up with his antics but she sometimes finds herself loving their back and forth interactions.

Klaus is sceptical of a Bennett witch coming into home, infiltrating herself into his family ‘under the guise’ of learning about her magic. Her magic is alluring and unlike Elijah’s other students who immediately want to be his bed partner, Bonnie doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Why does he find himself yearning to be the witch’s teacher? Why is he jealous of the easy going relationship between his brother and the witch?

When Elijah gets taken by Marcel’s men it is up to Bonnie and Klaus to work together to rescue him.

ps- this is born out of me getting professor vibes from Elijah and because my heart belongs to klonnie I had to work my ship into a professor Elijah imagine 🤷‍♀️


“Caroline, I’m standing in one of my favourite places in the world, surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you. Maybe one day you’ll let me.” -Klaus Mikaelson, (TVD 4x20)