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Part Five of My Little Hybrid

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“Niklaus what are you doing?” Elijah sighed as he walked into the room he’d expected Klaus to be painting in only to find him plotting.

“Trying to find a witch that can undo this immortality spell that passes through each member of this pack.” Klaus hummed without looking up.

“And (Y/N)’s family…” Elijah started his lecture but Klaus put up a hand.

“If I don’t do this for (Y/N) she is going to take Davina and have her burn their houses down, I assumed you’d want to me stop her from doing that.” Klaus asked with a sarcastic tone.

“Perhaps a dinner so that they could meet before you start a war.” Elijah sighed and Klaus nodded.

“Always with the brotherly guidance Elijah.” Klaus teased as he folded the papers and decided to try Elijah’s way first.

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Did V.F.D. interfere with Mr. Poe’s selection of guardians?

What will follow is the continuation of my analysis of the Baudelaire parent’s will, and the strange ways Arthur Poe chooses to interpret it. You are advised to read it before delving into this article:

  • Did Mr. Poe forge the Baudelaire parents’ last will and testament? (Link)

So far, we’ve established two things:

  1. The will isn’t followed to the letter, if at all; in fact, its application is contradictory at best.
  2. Arthur Poe is covering up something and his stupidity isn’t enough to explain these inconsistencies.

We have the facts; now, we need a story to put them together.

We’ll spoil you the revelation, which most of you have pretty much guessed already anyway: Arthur Poe has ties to V.F.D.

There. We said it. Don’t we all feel better? Find out more after the cut.

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Yeah, like it’s so simple with them

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When Klaus met you first time, you were painting. You didn’t notice him approaching, you were so deep inside your own world. Your brush swept a canvas and little by little it became more realistic. Klaus was amazed, he could see the passion burning inside you when you painted. When you finally noticed his presence, he complimented your painting. You shared a passion and it was easy bond with him because of that.

I wonder if Violet and Klaus will undergo a little personality change in the series

Violet and Klaus are distinguished by their interests rather than their personalities in the books, at least in the early installments. In fact, the kids having samish personalities is one of the most common critisisms of the series.

Judging from the trailers though, it seems like there is going to be more emphasis on Klaus being the sassy outspoken one. Maybe Violet will be portrayed as the quieter and responsible sibling, who speaks more with her actions? That is how I would explain Violet’s line in the books being given to Klaus instead.

I surely hope this won’t undermine Violet’s character! I remember DH making fun of the movie for sidelining her, surely he won’t make the same mistake in his script? I really hope so. 

strayraccoon  asked:

Hello again! Can I ask for Klaus and Steven HC teaching s/o their native language? Any shenanigans from the boys? (I'd add Leo, but I'm not sure if he's American or European)

Of course! (I want to hear Steven say a full on sentence of Spanish p l e a s e) also does Steven know fluent Spanish?? is it his native language??? Is German Klaus’s native language?? oh well lets just put that aside for now


  • S/o would probably have a hard time trying to pronounce certain German words oh man 
  • He’d be really patient with s/o when teaching them 
  • Would also compliment s/o in German while teaching them and s/o wouldn’t know what he’s speaking 
  • When Klaus does tell s/o their face would probably red with embarrassment 
  • Klaus has a good time since he can just tell s/o all the things that are great about them without getting terribly embarrassed


  • Please imagine Steven speaking Spanish (or any language honestly) and saying it with this s m o o t h n e s s 
  • S/o is blushing all over the place 
  • Steven randomly whispers random Spanish phrases into s/o’s ear like “you’re beautiful” or “I love you” and a thousand of different other compliments
  • Steven would be such a good teacher??? (actually would be a good teacher with anything)