klaus x mikael

I keep seeing these ‘why bring Mikael back just to kill him again’ and ‘ugh, mikael being back was pointless’ comments. I could not disagree more with this sentiment. In her own twisted way, Esther loved her children. But with the exception of Freya, apparently, Mikael did not. He spent their mortal lives abusing them and their immortal lives chasing them down so he could kill Klaus. Even if they had another 1,000 years, they were never going to be a ‘let’s invite Daddy to dinner and game night’ family.

I think the point of bringing Mikael back was so he could see who Klaus has become. Yes, he’s a serial killer who likes to keep his siblings in boxes when they step out of line, but in Mikael’s eyes, Klaus’ two greatest sins were 1) being weak (which was all Esther’s doing thanks to that starling necklace) and 2) being someone else’s son (which again, is on Esther). But for 1,000 years, Mikael had his mind made up that Klaus was weak and an embarrassment to the Mikaelson name, etc.

In 2x04 and 2x05, Mikael got to see that Klaus was not as weak as he thought. Klaus put up a good fight and could have killed him in 2x04 if Cami hadn’t gotten through to him and again in 2x05, the only reason Mikael got the jump on Klaus was because he threw Papa Tunde’s blade at Cami and Klaus stopped fighting to save her. Then Klaus’ posse showed up and Mikael ran off, outnumbered. 

Now this episode gave Mikael and Klaus a chance to reluctantly be on the same team for the good of their daughters. And sure they bickered and mocked one another, but those fight scenes? They were in sync (they even did the head nod). But as soon as they were back at the compound, Mikael resumed taunting Klaus and blaming him and blah, blah, blah, more abuse and then Klaus had the stake in his heart and he just wanted an explanation as to why he treated him so terribly and Mikael didn’t have an answer. He just did. Because he’s the worst. But this scene was so important for Klaus because he saw that nothing he’d done or could ever do would change Mikael’s mind about him. He’d had a moment with his father, fighting beside him, something he’d always wanted since he was a kid, to be the warrior his father could be proud of, and Mikael was still looking past him to Freya (side note: I love the look on Elijah’s face when Mikael calls out to Freya because he knows that’s going to break Klaus). 

So Klaus kills Mikael (again), but it’s much more meaningful this time because Klaus got some actual closure out of it, but  not only that, Klaus’ main priority is Hope and Mikael being dead gives him what he needs to make another weapon to work against Dahlia. For me, this wasn’t just a redo of TVD. So for the first time ever, Mikael will be coming through for Klaus if this works. And that just feels really important to me, much more so than keeping Mikael around just to bring him out to try and kill Klaus every few episodes. 


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