klaus x hummingbird


klaroline au week • day two: butterfly effect ♡ the wide and open road by biana delacroix (@hummingbirds-and-champagne)

“My Dad used to say that a road trip is when you really got to know yourself and whoever you were with.” Deciding she needs to get out of Mystic Falls for the summer, Caroline asks Klaus to take her on a drive across the country. It’s a long way to go and a lot of time to spend together, and as the miles roll by Caroline starts to wonder if her and Klaus can stay ‘just friends.’

We’ll Rain Down Crimson Until the Moon Is Full

A/N: This is a long overdue birthday present for Elle (better late than never okay). She asked for Dark!Caroline, so I hope this is satisfactory. And I very much enjoyed writing this. Happy belated birthday, Elle! hummingbirds-and-champagne

Summary: AU. During S2. Damon ignores Elena’s wishes to sacrifice herself for her friends, and forces her to leave Mystic Falls. However, he didn’t count on a beguiling blonde to kill everyone Elena knew, nor did he expect her to be the wife of the oldest vampire in history. Dark Klaroline. Smut.

Tucking a blonde curl behind her cool earlobe, the tip of her ear twitched as a male voice and a groggy, softer one sounded against her ear drum.

Her lips curved into an amused smirk, overhearing the trivial banter between the couple riding in the car. Of course, according to the heated conversation, only one of them was riding, while the other seemed to be an unwilling passenger. The man was a fool, believing the girl would ever love him, especially after kidnapping her.

Although, she didn’t have room to judge, not after all the ways she and Niklaus have tormented one another over the centuries. Yet, they have always found their way back to each other. However, there was a significant difference between Caroline and her husband, and that irritating pair on the road: they weren’t them.

Deciding she’d heard enough of a grown man sniveling at the girl’s feet, her feet lifted off the grass surface from the hill that peered down to the road, and her stiletto boots hit the pavement of the road in a blink of an eye.

Blinding headlights flashed right into her eyes, but the crimson eyes that glazed over her blue irises enhanced her vision, allowing her to push past the powerful illumination.

She spotted the dark-haired driver’s eyes nearly pop out of their sockets when he caught just the outline of her figure. Before he could even make a move, Caroline’s hands were on the bottom of the hood of the car and tossed the car backwards, rapidly tumbling, sounds of metal being crushed against the hard surface below, and nasty gnashes being left on the exterior.

Gracefully, she jumped back into the shadows, the midnight air cloaking her from view.

As she watched gleefully, the couple pulled themselves out of the wreckage, broken glass scraping their clothes as they fell to the ground.

The man in the black leather jacket had a few scratches across his forehead, but they were visibly mending themselves. The girl on the other hand had an alarming amount of red stains running down her cheeks, arms and legs. She could smell the freshness, it leaked through her clothes. The area beneath Caroline’s eyes began to shift under her skin. Inhaling a deep breath, she steeled her control, allowing the scent to dissipate from her senses.

The girl was an identical match- it was incredible how she could still be impressed by it. This would be the third doppelganger she had set her eyes on. Although, it appeared that they just seemed to lose intelligence with every new copy that was spit out. Then again, Tatia had never very bright to begin with.

Her stupidity, after all, was what had led to her well-deserved death, Katerina’s stupidity led to the man hunt Klaus had sent after her, and this worthless charlatan’s stupidity would be the cause for, not only her death, but her town’s as well.

Caroline licked her lips in anticipation for the chaos she could hardly wait to deliver.

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