Red - Another symbol

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Near the woods from New Orleans:

“No Elijah, I can’t.” You turned around and wanted to go but quickly, he took your hand and twirled you in his arms.

“You can not just throw away 10 years like nothing. Y/N not because of my brother, I love you.” Elijah replied soft and looked you in the eyes.

You tried not to cry as he said the 3 words you fought so hard for to hear, the last years, “The First 2 years I tried to proof you that I’m worthy your trust, the next 2 I did the same by Rebekah and Kol.. we had 1 year where we could be ourselves but not in freedom, no we had to hide from Niklaus.. Even as he knew about us and that I would never harm you, he still didn’t want me in your family and tried everything to tear us apart. Elijah I can’t live like this anymore.” You said and tried not to cry, you loved him but you didn’t loved him enough to live like this forever. “Yes, I am a powerful witch.. but I’m also a woman with dreams and fears. I want a family and I want safety for them and I can’t have these things with you, goodbye my love.” 

Elijah let your hand go and tried to hide his tears like you did, but you knew him too well and saw them anyways. You kissed his cheek, turned around and went into a Taxi that should bring you back to Mystic Falls.


Mikaelson Villa:

Elijah went home and straight into your room. You lived together with the Mikaelson family for nearly 2 years, Elijah wanted you with him even whether Niklaus wanted or not. Everyday you had a fight with Klaus about your ‘intentions’, he never believed that you had real feelings for his brother, that you only want to be a part of the family to get more strength. 
**You were a powerful witch almost like your best friend, Bonnie Bennett. Bonnie and you were friends since you were in kindergarten, you learned together how to be a witch and Bonnie was the only one of your friends who told you that you should be with your true love, no matter what every one else might say or think.**

“What are you doing in here?” Davina asked as she saw Elijah in your private room.

“I’m trying to figure out how Y/N always made these beautiful sound.” He answered holding your violin, looking to her through a mirror.

“Why you didn’t ask Y/N to play something for you?” Davina stepped closer. “Let me guess, she teaches Kol a few spells again, isn’t she?” Davina laughed softly. 

She was happy to have you, you were like an older sister for her and one who didn’t tried to kill her boyfriend.

“No, unfortunately she is not.” Elijah answered emotionless. “Y/N is gone.”

“Wha-” Davina started but got interrupted.

“What did my ears hear? The witch is gone?” Klaus asked with a huge smile.

Elijah stood up and turned to his younger brother, “Yes Niklaus, you finally did it. Y/N is gone for good and this is on you.” he said sharply.

“You should thank me, brother.” Klaus crossed his arms, “Now where this creature of a witch is gone, you can focus on important things.” he said an smiled.

Elijah ran over to his brother with his Vampire-speed and held him against a wall, “How dare you talk about her like this?” he let him go and turned to your violin again, “I let her in, I needed her and because of you Y/N is gone. You brother, have broken me. You’ve taken her from me and now GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.” 


Klaus did what his brother wanted and for the first time Davina saw Elijah not controlling himself anymore, he sat on the red couch you choose once as a symbol for the love you both had (because he saw you for the first time in a red dress), he couldn’t hide his tears much longer and so he cried.

Davina walked over to Elijah and sat next to him, “I can’t believe she’s gone with the Baby. I mean Kol, her and me did everything to make this possible, we tried every spell and at least we made it..Y/N always talk about how much you two wanted children and would’ve them in another life, I-” 

“What- What did you say?” Elijah asked her and stopped crying.

“The Baby? She told you that she tried to find a way, don’t you remember?” Davina was confused.

“She did but she did not tell me that it worked.” He smiled. “I have to find her.” Elijah stood up and walked downstairs, he wanted to find you as fast as he could. 


“Don’t even think about it Brother.” Klaus said as he saw Elijah going outside, “Y/N is gone and this is good for everyone.” he walked slowly downstairs as well to face his brother, as he saw you. “Oh what the hell, I thought you had leave us?”

Elijah turned around and saw you next to Kol, he could barely believe his eyes as he saw you in the red dress you wore once.

“I think you should better go now and this time, please, for good.” Klaus said with an angry voice as he saw Elijah’s view to you.

“Niklaus?” Elijah questioned calm, “Are you threatening Y/N?” and turned to his brother. “I will not allow you to harm her, no matter how you do it.”

“What? No she’s more important than your family?.” Klaus laughed sarcastic because he knew, nothing would matter more to Elijah than his family.

Elijah walked over to you and Kol and looked you in your eyes, he smiled, than kissed your forehead, “No… she’s pregnant and this-”

“This makes her family too.” A familiar voice said behind you. 

“Rebekah? You’re back?” Klaus asked as she came out of the shadows next to Kol and you. 

“We called her.” Marcel shouted with a smile, down to Klaus. “We thought everyone should have the right to speak here.”

“Well Klaus, none of us will allow you to treat Y/N like you did all this time.” Davina added and smiled as well.

“Have you any problems, Niklaus? You don’t look so well.” Kol laughed and Rebekah, Davina and Marcel had too.

“Welcome to our family, finally.” Rebekah smiled and kissed your forehead as she touched your belly. 

“You can thank me later, brother.” Kol smiled soft as he touched his brother shoulder.

Klaus walked angry into the house, followed by Rebekah, Kol, Marcel and Davina so that Elijah and you had some privacy.


“What does he mean?” Elijah asked you.

“Kol made a location spell as I didn’t came for practicing and found me as I wanted to eat something before I went to Mystic Falls.. He convinced me to come back, to give us a change to be a family.”

“I’m so glad that you’re back.” Elijah said and pulled you closer to him, “I’m so glad that you both are back.” he smiled and touched gently your belly like Rebekah. “I can’t believe it, we will have a baby.” Elijah said happy with tears.

“Hey.” You said and took is face in your hands, “We will have another symbol for our love.” you smiled and kissed him.