klaus loves rebekah

Princess Gone Bad

Reader x Mikaelson Family


Synopsys: You fall in love with both Kol and Klaus over the centuries and tries to work it out by leaving them.

Word count: 2360

It was in the early thirteen hundreds when you heard about them the first time. Everyone in town was buzzing about a wealthy family coming to the old London. And, as the rumours spread, they were not only rich, but noble as well. Of course, every girl in the county got excited to meet the new men around. And it only got worse after they announced they would be throwing a party.  

“Y/N, how come you don’t want to go to the festivities?” One of your cousins asked, her eyes curious. “People are saying that the Mikaelsons are so bloody handsome you would deny a perfectly good marriage to spend a single night with them.”

“I don’t believe in rumours.” You laughed, lightly. “Anyway, I would love to go, but my father does not allow me to frequent balls.”

“Well, if you truly wants, I can arrange a way. You father cannot know, though.”

Your eyes shone, excited on going to your first ball alone, without your father giving bad looks to any boy getting closer to you. Of course he had to look after you, being a duke’s daughter and all, but you wanted to have a little more freedom and waste a whole night dancing with no worries. And that pushed you to accept the plans that the girl grinning in front of you had. 

“That’s fine, father will never know.”

[At the ball]

The maids picked a gorgeous dress for you to wear, navy blue with silver coloured details. It was the one your dad had given you as birthday gift. After you were fully dressed, your servants worked in your hair, letting him loose, in a sea of curls, only a braid was made to control it. They also add a small amount of powder and a light pink lipstick, only to leave you perfect as princess. 

You thanked them silently and left, undercover, to meet with your cousin at the back. By the time you got there, she was already waiting inside a carriage.

“Come on, Y/L, we are going to be late!”

You nodded, joining your relative. It did not take long for her to start chattering about later, which made you sigh, realising it would be a whole hour before you could get hid of her. She was fine person, but such bore.



“You look a bit off.” She said, raising her eyebrows.

“Sorry, I’m just excited, that’s all.”

“I’m sure you’ll meet a fine lad to dance all night.”

“Hopefully” A smile grew in your face. “And so will you.”

“Luckily it will be a Mikaelson.” She winked, smiling.

You laughed.

“Yes and, if you spend a night with one of them, you ought to tell me everything!" 

"I won’t spare a detail.”

The carriage stopped and you realised you had gotten there, an enormous castle, a lot of people coming in and out and the music could be heard from outside. You lost a breath from anticipation and walked out the cab.

A pair of lovely butlers escorted  both you and your cousin inside, getting your coats and leaving you to medley with the crowd. Firmly, you made your way to the saloon, drawing contemplate looks in your direction.

“What is a beautiful lady like you doing all alone?” A voice spoke, making you spun to see who it was.

In front of you was a handsome man, with light brown hair, gorgeous chocolate eyes and a very charming smile. You instantaneously bit your lower lip, avoiding a smirk and glancing over him, with a hint of curiosity.

“I am actually not alone.”

“Where is your husband, then?”

“Not married.”

He smiled.

“I am sorry, I assumed you were, since you have such a unique beauty.”

“Thank you.”

You blushed, out of embarrassment. It only got worse, since the unknown man touched your cheeks, making you look directly to him. One more time you bit your lower lip, complete intrigued by everything that was happening. 

“May I know your name, Mr.?”

“Kol Mikaelson.” He said, reaching for your hand and kissing it. “And yours is?”

You took a few minutes to digest you were actually talking to a Mikaelson, one of the most wanted out in the kingdom.

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Well, now, delightful to meet you, Y/N.” Kol smirked, beautifully. “May I have a dance?”

You nodded, slightly, surrendering to him and his warm touch. His presence made you dizzy and lost. He talked between the spins and, somehow, you felt like he was flirting with you. “Oh my stars”, you thought, happy and finally letting slip a smile.

A couple of musics later, Kol dragged you out the room, stating you needed privacy.

“I should not be alone with you!” You said, straightening up your face.

“Nobody will know, darling." 

The place was enlightened only by a candle and you could see a bed, covered by red sheets. A couple of paintings scattered on the white coloured walls, giving it a little life. It was his bedroom, you guessed.

"Don’t worry, love, I will be over soon.”

Your heart started to pound in your chest, scared of what he was about to do to you. Kol approached you, stroking your back and looking directly to your eyes.

“You won’t scream.” He said, suddenly.

A couple minutes later the Mikaelson sunk his teeth into your neck. You felt an acute pain, however, you were not able to yell or at least call for help. You placed your hands on his shoulders, not strong enough to push him away. The blood, your blood, dripped from your neck. You knew right away you were going to die.

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I love them both

Imagine telling Rebekah you love both Kol and Klaus and her being both shocked and supportive. 

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Crazy Ex Boyfriend

Imagine: Your ex boyfriend coming over and trying to hit you, so Kol hurts him and you calm him down, your Kol returning to you.

You looked down at your wrist, black and blue circles forming where Scott had grabbed you. How could you have been more wrong to choose him as a past boyfriend? Scott laughed at your pained expression, he had come over to talk things over with you to at least still be friends. Here you were, falling for his games again and he had you cornered. All it took was a reminder of how bad your relationship with him was and he threw you at the wall, grabbing your wrists and squeezing. 

Little did he know he was in marked territory and touching somebody that wasn’t his.

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just one thing

Request: Hey love can you do an imagine where reader is dating Klaus and she’s pregnant and she’s very snappy and sarcastic thanks love.💕

klaus mikealson x reader

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Baby: E.M

(Babysitting two kids at your house and Elijah coming over for your dinner date however he ends up getting more than he bargained for)

Word count: 1133


“Sam no!” I yelled running towards the five year old boy who was about to pour orange juice all over the white carpet. He held an innocent smirk upon his face as he threw the sippy-cup up in the air, I watched as it flew over both our heads and towards the couch. Instincts kicked in and I found myself diving towards the ground like I was about to score a try. It hurt like hell but I managed to catch the cup before it smashed to the ground.

“You’re in big trouble Mr!” I scolded as I climbed up off the floor, Sam started screaming at the top of his lungs and ran into the lounge. The sound of wailing cries followed and I groaned aloud.

As if two screaming children wasn’t enough to deal with a knock pounded upon the door, “Just a second!” I yelled before sprinting up the stairs to fetch the baby.

Her loud cries echoed throughout the house and as I sprinted to my room where her crib was set up, I saw her leant against the railing in her pink onesie. “Aw Bella” I cooed before leaning down and hoisting her into my arms, another knock at the door snapped me back into reality and I rested her on my hip.

“I’m coming” I groaned when I reached the bottom step, I opened the door expecting it to be the kid’s mother but instead stood Elijah in his formal suit - not that it was much different from his everyday suit. I smiled, glad to see my boyfriend, “Elijah”.

He smiled at me and while taking in my appearance I noticed his lips form into a thin line, disappoint also glimmered in his eyes. He parted his lips as if he was going to say something but when he caught sight of the teething baby in my arms he refrained and composed himself.

“Hello Y/N” he replied looking between myself and Bella, “Um-Who is this?” he asked curiously while gesturing to the little girl in my arms. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the cute smile he was giving her.

“This is Bella” I cooed while staring down into the baby’s eyes and giving her the biggest possible smile, however my smile didn’t go down as well as I hoped it would of as she began crying moments later. I knew I was never that good with kids but I wasn’t terrible either and I hoped Elijah knew that.

I quickly opened the door wider and stood to the side “Come on in” he obeyed immediately and stepped inside, making sure to wipe his heavily polished shoes before he entered- a typical Elijah move. “So what are you doing here?” I questioned walking into the living room as I rocked Bella in my arms, Elijah hot on trail.

He cleared his throat making me turn around “Well, our date is tonight” as soon as the words left his mouth my eyes widened, How could I be so stupid? Of course our romantic dinner date was tonight- the one I had suggested we’d go on.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry-I had completely forgotten and the kids, their mother is running late and I lost track of time and-”

“It’s fine, I’ll be wait” he interrupted, chuckling towards the end. No matter how forgiving he was being I still couldn’t believe I had forgotten, I was such a terrible girlfriend.

“Y/N, What is that smell”?” realisation hit me like a tonne of bricks when the burning smell entered my nose.

“Oh shit!” I cursed making sure to whisper so neither Sam or Bella could hear- not that she would repeat anything, she hadn’t even uttered her first words yet. “Elijah can you take her?” I asked not even waiting for a reply before I handed her over to him. He looked slightly flustered but wrapped Bella in his arms.

I sprinted into the kitchen to see smoke escaping from the cracks of the oven, my cookies!! I ran towards it and opened the door swiftly, making sure to grab a towel before I pulled out the ash mounds of dough. Burnt. Just perfect.

“Is everything alright?” Yelled Elijah from the other room.

“Yea, just a minor mishap, Would you like a cup of tea?” I questioned changing the topic quickly so he wouldn’t come and investigate. I didn’t want him seeing that I was terrible at looking after kids, remembering important events and cooking the simplest sweet delicacy.

“Yes please”. I was quick to remove the burnt evidence from the kitchen and get to the task of making Elijah’s tea, after the kettle was boiled I poured the hot water into the mug and walked into the lounge expecting some sort of chaos however as I entered my jaw dropped slightly.

There stood Elijah holding the baby in his arms and rocking her slowly back and forth with her pacifier in her mouth and eyes shut, he had managed to get her to fall asleep- something I had struggled with. He looked at her lovingly as a smile came to his lips.

“So where did you come from?” asked Sam staring up at the original vampire as if he were a god, Elijah looked up towards the boy.

“I came from the front door” I chuckled at his humour and cleared my throat soon after, this caused them both to look my way but just as they did the doorbell rung.

“Saved by the bell huh?”


“I still really am sorry about earlier” I apologised for what was probably the ninth time this evening, Elijah smirked at me as we left the restaurant.

“It’s perfectly fine, at least we still got to go out tonight…” he trailed off before taking my hand in his and leading me towards the car. Dinner was perfect despite our late booking and tardiness we had managed to be completely submerged in conversation throughout the evening.

Silence overwhelmed us as we walked towards the car, “Thank you for all your help today- I really was terrible and as always you seemed to swoop in and save me”. Elijah stopped and turned to face me.

“You were not terrible, you were just new- it’s understandable” be assured and gave me a grin, “That baby girl was incredibly cute though” he added.

“She liked you, so did Sam- maybe next time I babysit you could come around…” I suggested and wrapped my arms around his neck,

“Or” he started and leaned his face towards mine, “We could have our own someday” a massive grin sprouted upon my lips.

“As long as they don’t want cookies then I think that’d be perfect”. He laughed and bought his lips even closer to mine before kissing me. 

catching up with new episodes of the originals and i just…what kinds of emotions are these??? klaus why are you so in love with your sister??? i’m trying so hard to ship you with hayley because you have incredible chemistry with her and at least she’s not your sister!! but klebekah is just on another level? and that’s not right? and y’all aren’t even subtle about it?

like all the history they have together…he was literally jealous of all her boyfriends (literally every single one over the span of a millenium) and he goes around dating cute blondes whom he can project his feelings for rebekah onto…and they literally compelled lucien and aurora to believe they were klaus and rebekah and then fake klaus fell in love with fake rebekah? and don’t even get me started on “for centuries my only place was by your side”


Klaroline + Cruel intentions au 

“My brother, he’s always been a consuming force of nature, and through the thousand years we shared he has never hesitated to plunge a dagger in my heart for daring to fall in love.”

This was it, Caroline thought, this was it.

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