klaus in alaric's body was the best

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His reaction when you tell him you’re pregnant

Damon: It was 1864 and Damon had just returned from the war. He was ecstatic about seeing you. After he engulfed you in a hug you told him the big news. Damon’s face was the happiest you ever saw it, this was the best thing for him to hear upon his return.

Klaus: When Klaus found out you were pregnant he was worried for you. He was unsure if the baby would be to strong for your human body. But when the baby was born, he couldn’t be more happy to see its little face and new he was worried for no reason.

Alaric: You told Alaric you were pregnant on his birthday. You’d known for a month now and waited until that day. He said it was the best birthday present you could have ever given him, it was a birthday to never forget and the best one yet.

Kol: You and Kol were in another stupid heated argument when you blurted out about being pregnant. You told him it was meant to be a surprise, he blurred in front of you and pulled you into a hug, apologizing none stop over the stupid fight and couldn’t wait for the baby.

Elijah: You had been living in New Orleans for a month with Elijah and you’d known for that month you were pregnant. When he returned stressed from his day, you decided to tell him. Immediately he cheered up and hugged you happily, you’d never seen him so happy in his life.

Tyler: You were in your and Tyler’s bedroom with the test in your hand, you called him in and showed it to him. He looked at it, his mouth open. He dropped it on the floor before he pulled you to him and kissed you passionately, he was truly speechless.

And, my final Feels Day contribution, another installment of the ridiculousness that is WerewolfPuppyKlaus. Sorrynotsorry. Part One. Part Two.

Oh How Strange (Part Three)

Caroline knows she needs to get up. She’s got a list, and it isn’t exactly short. But her bed’s so warm and cozy. And once she gets out of it she’s diving right back into a situation fraught with awkwardness. And danger, but she’s totally used to that. The possibility of being tortured by hostile witches barely phases her.

The conversation she needs to have with Klaus, before they leave her apartment? Yeah, that’s gonna be terrible.

Maybe it’ll be better if they have it here. Casual was good, right? She’d let the fact that he snuck into her bed slide, maybe he’d keep the disdain to a minimum, out of gratitude.

Caroline had always been an optimist.

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