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  • feminism 
  • wlw
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  • bex taylor-klaus

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hello hello! it’s your girl back at is again looking for some roleplay partners! here’s a few things that i require before we can set up our bomb ass plot!

- i am in college and have a life and a relationship outside of roleplay, i will be as active as possible and i will ALWAYS let you know when i will be gone for long periods of time, i just ask that you respect that!

- i love detailed replies! they don’t have to be incredibly long, but it helps the roleplay flow when we both have enough detail in our responses for some character development.

-i do m/f and f/f parings. ive never really dappled in m/m mostly because i’m afraid i’m not going to be good enough at portraying that relationship! but i’m always up for trying as long as your patient.

- i only do doubles! (this is something i can be flexible on if we do something more complex and/or a fxf paring)

- i don’t do any type of slave, incest, rape, heavy bdsm, large age gaps (no more than eight years) and history and fantasy plots. this includes alpha and omega and water sports as well!

that’s basically it! here are some faces that i’m experienced in playing!

• harry styles
• lili reinheart
• willa fitzgerald
• zayn malik
• camila cabello
• emma watson
• liam payne
• dakota johnson
• taissa farminga

those are just a few of course! and i always have more characters and oc’s that are on the back burner that i would love to develop more! here are some parings/fandoms i’m dying to do!

• one direction/oc’s
• scream (emma and audrey)
• fifty shades of grey
• walking dead (tara x oc)
•riverdale (beronica)
•the killing (bullet x oc)

of course i’m always down to come up with our own plot with oc’s! i actually prefer these because there’s so much room for character development! here are some faces i’m dying to play against!

•bex taylor-klaus
• ruby rose
• madison paige
• kristen stewart
• niall horan
• andrew garfield
• jamie dornan
• katherine moening
• lauren jauregui

and so much more! feel free to message me on here on my kik! which is sunshyhoran i hope i will actually get some willing and active patterns! thanks for reading this 💖