Rough animations by Jorge A. Capote on “Klaus“ pilot movie.


Requested by anon

You were cornered, the menacing vampire nearing you ever so slowly. You couldn’t move, you were paralyzed with fear, until you heard his voice. “Well, what have I stumbled on here then?” he asked rhetorically. Both your and the vampire’s eyes turned to face him. “Klaus” you both said in sync. “I’ll give you a head start” he nodded towards the vampire. In a blur the vampire was gone and Klaus’ eyes fell on you, a smile appearing on his lips. “Miss me love?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow teasingly.

●Hey for those of you still trying to unlock the Ice and Tropical vendors in Story of Seasons I have a hack for you that has been passed to me by a fellow gamer.● ☆For 100 decorative items just grow a lot of fodder and make bales of hay-its the cheapest and easiest to do. ☆For 100 clothing don’t sell your patterns! Just buy all the masks and glasses they sell at the vendors and sell them back. ☆For 100 cooked dishes I recommend getting a greenhouse and growing sweet potatoes-not only are they easy to grow but simple to cook. ☆For fences…well, you got to make fences. Stick to the wooden variety and don’t worry if its the same shape either. Anyways I hope this helps you as much as it did me!