EXORCISTS: human beings who have bonded with a shard of Innocence and serve the Black Order. They fight against the Millennium Earl, the Noah Family and their army of Akuma.

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Drunk types in DGM
  • You have to nag Allen a lot to drink but if you challenge him he won’t refuse. When drunk his Cockney accent comes out, but he never gets past the relaxed state, his body processes alcohol too fast. He only gets hungrier from it.
  • Lavi wants trouble and you can’t say no for an answer, to “get the party starting” he sings and strips until only his eyepatch remains.
  • He was the kind of guy who drunk anything that could smash him, but without the seal Kanda is a lightweight, his tongue gets into knots as he tries to talk, he’s not feeling too well
  • Lenalee faints, she can’t handle the most miniscule amount of alcohol, after the first sip she’s out like a candle
  • Miranda can hold her alcohol surprisingly well, but after numerous shots she becomes the emotional mom friend, who has the urge to cuddle and comfort everyone even if they’re fine
  • Marie becomes even more sensitive, but that’s not necessarily a convenient aspect, his burning cheeks make him distracted
  • Krory baby gets emotional and cries for Eliade
  • It’s unknown what type of drunk Cross is, some says he’s always drunk, by this time it’s possible that alcohol flows in his veins instead of blood
  • Klaud makes sure she never drinks enough to drunk, because she knows she’s a violent drunk, even being beaten by Lau Shimin can’t compare
  • In Sokalo’s case nothing really changes, he is crazy before and after alike
  • Whenever he’s drunk Tiedoll runs around in panic to get a lover for Kanda, because he’s scared to leave his smallest son alone
  • Emilia is very strict about Timothy’s diet, and as a tutor she takes her job too seriously, she never drinks . As a police officer’s daughter she can instantly notice if a drink is spiked and she pours it away. If Timothy possesses a drunk person he exhibits the same behaviour as the person would.
  • Bookman too, is very cautious what he drinks, he cannot let anything hinder him from recording. When he does get drunk he ogles the ladies.
  • Despite being a sailor Chaoji is really bad at handling drinks, he doesn’t pass out but he lies on the floor and moans indistinguishable words.
  • Komui becomes a freaking tank, he destroys everything in sight, as if he himself was a Komurin as well
  • Reever lets his pent up anger when he’s drunk as he develops a dark aura around himself that rivals Kanda’s or Dark Allen’s.
  • Johnny has problems with balance and walking, but he has the sudden urge to explore and inspect everything to its tiniest details
  • In the Head Nurse’s domain the only usage of alcohol that’s prohibited is to clean wounds. NO EXCEPTIONS.
DGM Headcanons: Modern High School AU Pt. 5

Aleistar Krory III

  • Senior
  • Fan of the occult and macabre
  • Rumor has it he’s a vampire
  • Has a crush on Alma’s classmate Eliade
  • In the school gardening club
  • Has the most beautiful handwriting you’ll ever see

Timothy Hearst

  • Elementary School Student
  • Self-appointed himself as Allen’s little brother
  • Lives with his foster mom Klaud Nine and foster sister Emilia
  • Prankster on wheels
  • Nicknamed “Little Magpie” because he has a tendency of being a packrat
  • Adores Allen

Klaud Nine

  • Emilia’s stepmom, and Timothy’s foster mom
  • Veterinarian who specializes in the care of exotic pets, and very passionate about her work
  • Her pet monkey, Lau Shimin, she raised herself after he was rescued from an animal smuggling ring
  • Will fuck you up if you mess with her kids
  • Married Emilia’s father when Emilia was 10, and they are still happily married today
  • Kept her maiden name even after marrying Emilia’s father

Froi Tiedoll

  • Was in the same class as Cross and Klaud in high school
  • Despite his close knit relationship with his foster kids, Froi has a strained relationship with the rest of his family, so they don’t speak much
  • The doting foster father of Noise, Daisya, and Kanda
  • Art teacher and part-time historian
  • Still amazed that Allen turned out so well despite being raised by Cross for nearly half his life
  • Still good friends with Klaud Nine

anonymous asked:

how do you think will the boys (cinderella phenomenon) react if they found out that Lucette is infertile?

Yo, this took a lot of time but I love you anon. 

Karma: While he did want a child or two, he didn’t mind that Lucette couldn’t conceive. His parents (and some of the very conservative ranks in the palace) will definitely be disappointed though because heirs are important to further the royal family. Karma isn’t particularly worried about this, however, as he has full confidence that his brother, Llama will do wonderful as a future king and will probably have brilliant children, too!

Rod: Would most likely be half relieved and half disappointed. Relieved because they could continue fooling around without the fear of accidental conception (which would be very hard to explain since they’re step siblings) and disappointed because Rod (no matter how hard he tries to appear cynical) wanted a family of his own. There are nights where he can’t sleep, just him staring at the canopy, thinking about family picnics that will never happen. He will not say a lot about the topic but Lucette knows that deep inside, Rod is hurt.

Waltz: Not gonna lie, once or twice he fantasized about having children with Lucette. He had thought at least six names for them and was very excited to teach them magic. When he got the news, he was, of course, disappointed but was more worried on behalf of Lucette’s health. He ended up buying her a black cat (which means luck for witches) and Lucette had laughed, commented how the cat reminded her of Waltz’s hair and the eyes were gold, like hers. They ended up domesticating two more cats which proved to be not only fun but also convenient because cats can be trained to become a witch’s familiar.

Rumpel: As a doctor, he understands the complication and will try very hard to assure her that it’s normal to be infertile. Rumpel likes children and will probably suggest adoption but will not open this up until he sees that Lucette is emotionally well enough to talk about children.

Fritz: Fritz was not really sure about this whole being-a-father thing anyway, so when Lucette dropped the I’m-infertile bomb, he was actually pretty neutral about it. Sure, he wanted to see mini versions of him and Lucette running around the palace but Lucette is his queen & charge so above anything else, he’d want her to be safe and healthy. He wouldn’t push her about children and will focus more on building emotional trust with her instead.

DGM Fanworks Initiative, Day 4: AU

After what? 5 weeks? Finally finished!! I’m really pleased with it!

And now, as promised, how they fit into the AU! :

timeline-wise, Kanda, Lavi, and Link are all a couple years older than Itachi, and Allen and Lenalee are about the same age. Timothy is part of the same graduating class as team Guy. Everyone in this picture but Timothy participated in the third shinobi war.

In this picture, Timothy just got his Hitai-ate, and is excited to come and show his big bro Allen that he’s finally a real ninja!! Allen, Lavi, and Lenalee are part of the same team (I can’t decide if their jounin-sensei should be Cross or Bookman), and Kanda was dragged over to hangout by Lenalee. He hasn’t decided if it’s more annoying to deal with Lavi and Moyashi, or his own jounin-sensei and team (Tiedoll and mostly Daisya, Marie is okay). Link is temporarily assigned to Allen, Lavi and Lenalee’s team due to “his own team being split up” (Not Really. He’s actually there to keep an eye on Allen)

which leads to backstories :)

Allen is actually Mana’s son, but was separated just before the war. He was then found by Orochimaru and was one of the children who was unable to be identified after Orochimaru’s experiments were discovered. Because of the snake sannin’s experimentation, Allen now has doujutsu in his left eye that lets him see chakra signatures (essentially a sensor who sees chakra signatures instead of sensing them). He mostly uses fuuma shuriken (or rather, the separated blades of one, held between the fingers of his left hand like a claw) and can manipulate bandages similar to how Rock Lee does on occasion (Clown Belt), but when things get out of hand he uses his giant sword (sword of exorcism, which I meant to put in this picture, but forgot). Allen is now under surveillance due to the recent awakening of his kekkei-genkai, which is known to belong to members of the Noah clan, a clan of shinobi with no ties to any village, known for their capricious alliances and devestation during war time, other than that, they’re a mystery. This is why Link’s watching him. The kekkei-genkai allows him to warp to any location he has been to before, though nowhere near the speed the Yellow Flash accomplished.

Kanda is also a victim of Orochimaru, though he and Allen never met during their captivity (they still don’t know they were both there). Kanda and Alma’s regeneration seals were a product of Orochimaru’s obsession with immortality, an attempt to discover a way to prolong his life. Alma and Kanda’s fight to  the “death” was also Danzo’s inspiration for the introduction of the practice into ROOT. Alma is currently comatose in the Sound Village. Kanda uses mostly kenjutsu (his three swords are each one of mugen’s three forms) though he is also extremely adept at genjutsu. He can also channel chakra through his swords.

Link is a member of the original ROOT, before it was “disbanded” and before the “fight to the death” part of ROOT was introduced. He was assigned to Team Allen-Lavi-Lena by Sarutobi, but he also reports his observations to Danzo. He uses kunai, senbon, his switchblades, and LOTS of exploding tags. He uses a lot of seals in general really.

Lenalee is originally from Sand, but Komui moved them to Konoha when worrying interest was taken in her first generation kekkei-genkai, gravity release, which she uses in combination with her wind-natured chakra (essentially, dark boots as a bloodline limit). She was, at one point, kidnapped for her kekkei-genkai. But she was rescued shortly after by her brother, who, though mostly a research oriented shinobi, can be terrifying with his chakra strings and “komurin” puppets. When Sound eventually attacks Konoha, she takes an interest in their techniques and starts to reverse engineer them and incorporate them into her own abilities.

Lavi is a displaced Uzumaki, as is Cross, and unbeknownst to them, are cousins of Naruto and Kushina respectively. Both posses one half a pair of rinnegan. As the eyes are separated, neither can utilize any of the paths. Lavi has dual-natured fire/lightning chakra, which he usually channels through his hammer, a different nature depending on which side of the hammer makes contact. His large chakra reserves enable him to use several lightning or fire dragon jutsus in a single battle, sometimes combining them. Though he is most known for his flashy fire/lightning jutsus, he is also extremely efficient at close combat with kunai and stealth. He is training under Bookman to enter the intelligence/espionage department, and would like to someday become Konoha’s spymaster.

Timothy is an orphaned Yamanaka, recently assigned to Team Klaud, along with Eaze and Lucia. They often train with Team Fou, consisting of Jan, Leo, and Mei Ling.

I’ve got a ton more stuff thought out for this AU, but this has already gotten really long. I’ll never actually write this AU, but I’ll probably draw more snippets from it in the future. And anyone who’s curious can always send me an ask :)

D.Gray-Man Signs

As a diehard DGM fan I want to know my favorite characters signs.

Yu Kanda

Gemini : June 6

Lenalee Lee

Pisces: February 20


Leo : August 10


Leo : August 5

Miranda Lotto

Capricorn : January 1

Arystar Krory III

Sagittarius : December 1

Noise Marie

Cancer : July 15

Chaoji Han

Taurus : May 4

Suman Dark

Taurus : May 16

Daisya Barry

Aries : April 5

Cross Marian

Leo : July 31

Froi Tiedoll

Aries : April 19

Klaud Nine

Scorpio : November 1

Winters Socalo

Pisces : March 18

Kevin Yeegar

Cancer : June 23

Komui Lee

Gemini : June 13

Reever Wenhamm

Virgo : September 8

Bak Chang

Scorpio : November 11

Road Kamelot

Gemini : June 20

Skinn Bolic

Taurus : May 9


Sagittarius : December 21


Pisces : February 22

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Could you do cuddle headcanons with the four generals?? I'd super appreciate that! <3 I love you and your writing by the way, keep up the good work!

(Aw, thank you! I love you too, dear! And RIP General Yeegar, life was too cruel to you.)

Originally posted by azarkan-sero

  • Cuddling with Cross is kind of one sided. By this I mean you are the one putting effort into it. 
  • He doesn’t cuddle, but if you snuggle up against him, he’ll put an arm around you. 
  • It’s the same as it is when you sleep with him, honestly. You want cuddles, you have to take matters into your own hands.
  • He will let you cuddle him whenever and wherever, much to the annoyance of everybody else.

Originally posted by semeochinchin-blog

  • Tiedoll loves cuddling! He doesn’t do it often because he’s easily distracted by scenery he wishes to paint.
  • Sometimes, it’s like cuddling with Cross: you have to take initiative, otherwise it won’t happen.
  • He likes when you cuddle up close to him while he paints or sketches. You know once he breaks the art equipment out, you are going to be there for a while, so you might as well get comfortable.
  • This old man just really likes affection, okay? Cuddles are his favorite thing, besides hugs.

Originally posted by shanoniusrex

  • Klaud isn’t much of a cuddler. She’s just not really into that sort of affection.
  • The only time you may be able to cuddle her is in bed, because she isn’t going to kick you out or anything. Unless it’s hot out. Then you’re going to have to get off of her.
  • Do not try to cuddle her in public. I repeat, do not try to cuddle her in public. PDA is a huge no-no. She loves you, but it isn’t her cup of tea. Save if for behind closed doors.
  • Honestly you’ll have better luck snuggling with Lau. At least it’s soft.

  • Socalo doesn’t seem like he’d be big into cuddling but boy you are mistaken.
  • Cuddling with you means he gets to show off his strength, which is evident because when you try to leave you can’t escape his grip. You don’t stop until he gets bored and lets you go.
  • You may have to use cuddling to calm him of his bloodthirst when he directs his disregard towards his fellow Exorcists.
  • When you both cuddle, he has you on his lap in a cage-like death grip. Sometimes it’s best that you don’t ask him for cuddles.