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Could you do cuddle headcanons with the four generals?? I'd super appreciate that! <3 I love you and your writing by the way, keep up the good work!

(Aw, thank you! I love you too, dear! And RIP General Yeegar, life was too cruel to you.)

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  • Cuddling with Cross is kind of one sided. By this I mean you are the one putting effort into it. 
  • He doesn’t cuddle, but if you snuggle up against him, he’ll put an arm around you. 
  • It’s the same as it is when you sleep with him, honestly. You want cuddles, you have to take matters into your own hands.
  • He will let you cuddle him whenever and wherever, much to the annoyance of everybody else.

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  • Tiedoll loves cuddling! He doesn’t do it often because he’s easily distracted by scenery he wishes to paint.
  • Sometimes, it’s like cuddling with Cross: you have to take initiative, otherwise it won’t happen.
  • He likes when you cuddle up close to him while he paints or sketches. You know once he breaks the art equipment out, you are going to be there for a while, so you might as well get comfortable.
  • This old man just really likes affection, okay? Cuddles are his favorite thing, besides hugs.

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  • Klaud isn’t much of a cuddler. She’s just not really into that sort of affection.
  • The only time you may be able to cuddle her is in bed, because she isn’t going to kick you out or anything. Unless it’s hot out. Then you’re going to have to get off of her.
  • Do not try to cuddle her in public. I repeat, do not try to cuddle her in public. PDA is a huge no-no. She loves you, but it isn’t her cup of tea. Save if for behind closed doors.
  • Honestly you’ll have better luck snuggling with Lau. At least it’s soft.

  • Socalo doesn’t seem like he’d be big into cuddling but boy you are mistaken.
  • Cuddling with you means he gets to show off his strength, which is evident because when you try to leave you can’t escape his grip. You don’t stop until he gets bored and lets you go.
  • You may have to use cuddling to calm him of his bloodthirst when he directs his disregard towards his fellow Exorcists.
  • When you both cuddle, he has you on his lap in a cage-like death grip. Sometimes it’s best that you don’t ask him for cuddles. 
Drunk types in DGM
  • You have to nag Allen a lot to drink but if you challenge him he won’t refuse. When drunk his Cockney accent comes out, but he never gets past the relaxed state, his body processes alcohol too fast. He only gets hungrier from it.
  • Lavi wants trouble and you can’t say no for an answer, to “get the party starting” he sings and strips until only his eyepatch remains.
  • He was the kind of guy who drunk anything that could smash him, but without the seal Kanda is a lightweight, his tongue gets into knots as he tries to talk, he’s not feeling too well
  • Lenalee faints, she can’t handle the most miniscule amount of alcohol, after the first sip she’s out like a candle
  • Miranda can hold her alcohol surprisingly well, but after numerous shots she becomes the emotional mom friend, who has the urge to cuddle and comfort everyone even if they’re fine
  • Marie becomes even more sensitive, but that’s not necessarily a convenient aspect, his burning cheeks make him distracted
  • Krory baby gets emotional and cries for Eliade
  • It’s unknown what type of drunk Cross is, some says he’s always drunk, by this time it’s possible that alcohol flows in his veins instead of blood
  • Klaud makes sure she never drinks enough to drunk, because she knows she’s a violent drunk, even being beaten by Lau Shimin can’t compare
  • In Sokalo’s case nothing really changes, he is crazy before and after alike
  • Whenever he’s drunk Tiedoll runs around in panic to get a lover for Kanda, because he’s scared to leave his smallest son alone
  • Emilia is very strict about Timothy’s diet, and as a tutor she takes her job too seriously, she never drinks . As a police officer’s daughter she can instantly notice if a drink is spiked and she pours it away. If Timothy possesses a drunk person he exhibits the same behaviour as the person would.
  • Bookman too, is very cautious what he drinks, he cannot let anything hinder him from recording. When he does get drunk he ogles the ladies.
  • Despite being a sailor Chaoji is really bad at handling drinks, he doesn’t pass out but he lies on the floor and moans indistinguishable words.
  • Komui becomes a freaking tank, he destroys everything in sight, as if he himself was a Komurin as well
  • Reever lets his pent up anger when he’s drunk as he develops a dark aura around himself that rivals Kanda’s or Dark Allen’s.
  • Johnny has problems with balance and walking, but he has the sudden urge to explore and inspect everything to its tiniest details
  • In the Head Nurse’s domain the only usage of alcohol that’s prohibited is to clean wounds. NO EXCEPTIONS.

EXORCISTS: human beings who have bonded with a shard of Innocence and serve the Black Order. They fight against the Millennium Earl, the Noah Family and their army of Akuma.

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Like father like son

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Summary: Klaus meets his adult son

Klaus x son

Warnings: Swearing, arguing between father and son

Klaus’s POV:

It was late at night, things have been different. I’ve supposedly found my son. He wasn’t little, he was an adult, and a vampire. We ran into each other in New Orleans. He looked like me. Same color eyes, hair, and he had a similar voice. I never knew I had a son, it was certainly shocking. “ How did you not know you had a son? “ Y/N asked. “ Your mother never told me, it’s not my fault, “ I say sternly. “ Yeah but if you do something like that with someone, you should have the common sense to ask, “ Y/N spat back at me. I breathed in heavily. “ She was the one with no common sense, she should have told me she was pregnant with you! I would have helped. I’m not that bloody evil, “ I yell. “ Would you have?! You didn’t seem to fond about the news of having a daughter, who knows how you would act about having a son! “ he yells back. 

“ That’s different! You don’t get to come into MY city and assume things about me from rumors! I’m your father treat me with some respect! “ I yell back. “ Treat you with respect?! You are not my father! Maybe by blood but not by heart! “ He yells. “ Like it or not, your my son. I don’t care how old you are, you listen to me, “ I say lowering my voice. He raised his head and walked out of the room, slamming the door. Elijah then walked in, turning to look off at Y/N storming off. “ He’s definitely your son, “ he says chuckling. I scoff. “ I’m just saying, he acts just like you, same temper. Its kinda like getting a taste of your own medicine, “ Elijah says walking out of the room. I glare at the door where he left and took a large gulp of whiskey. 

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day 63: why is it so hard to find good refs of her uniform klaud was my favorite general (followed closely by froi) also i like drawing freckles

No one has to know - Rod Widdensov

A/N: I’m supposed to be finishing a presentation but I really like to procrastinate hehe! Mini one shot for the tsundere prince! 

PAIRING: Rod / Lucette

WORDS: 391


WARNING: Incest, Implications of Cheating, Suggestive content

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