klaudia is the best

So I actually welcomed 2017 smiling and laughing because of Harry, Matt, Shelby, Esther and Kat just having fun together. This is really nice start

Techno ist Underground. Nie Mainstream. Bei Techno geht es um die Musik – nur um die Musik. Techno ist nichts für den schnellen Musikkonsum, sondern der Soundtrack für die Reise ins Ich. Und: Techno ist nicht gleich Techno. Dunkel und endzeitlich ist zum Beispiel der Sound von Rebekah und Rødhåd. Melodischer, treibend dagegen der Drumcode-Style von Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick und Sam Paganini. Schnörkellos und puristisch klingen Klaudia Gawlas und Torsten Kanzler mit ihrem straighten abstract-Techno. Viele Strömungen – eine Leidenschaft, die alle für immer verbindet: Die Leidenschaft Techno.
—  tekkn0

ignorantly-apathatic  asked:

For the questions: 6, 8, 9 and 24 plz

6.Do you fit into any stereotypes?

Yeah, sure. The one about artists being miserable, depressed people without money. And the one about fat people being funnier and more sympathetic than others.

9. What are your favorite pet names?

I don’t have any. The best name that you can give to your pet is the one YOU create, the most extraordinary one, the weirdest one. For example, my dogs are literally called “Sock” and “French Fry”.

24. What’s your favorite thing about your best friend?

Given that I have 3 of best friends, here it goes:
-the best things about Roksana are her kindness, trustworthiness, understanding (couldn’t pick one)
-the best things about Klaudia are her intelligence, sensitivity to beauty, creativity and sense of humor, which is as shitty as mine
-the best things about Oskar are his energy, sensibility that he doesn’t show much, but it is there, and his outrightness

I answered question no. 8 already! ^^