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Reasons why Kim Hansol is a king

Besides being a talented, hardworking boy, there are several other reasons to love him. Like…

- When he was listening to some raps and the fans asked him not to say the N word and he got pissed because they thought he could say that.

- When he apologized for saying Omfg

- All the times he said he doesn’t know English but he’s trying + a fan saying to him that her Korean was bad and he saying it was okay + he teaching Korean

- When a fan asked him to say “Don’t touch my neck”and he

- When he talked about his new mannequin

- When he keeps using this beautiful bracelet for a beautiful cause

- When a girl commented “GAY” in a photo that he posted with Yano

- And three days later he posted a pic of Yano with this caption

- All the times people spoke about his musical taste and about the way that he dances and he didn’t care, when he released a Vogue video after so many talked bad things about it, when he has no problems in saying about things/people he loves even when usually it is tagged as “gay stuff”

And lastly, all the times he reached the fans, encouraged them, supported them.

PS: All members of Topp Dogg are sweet and care about their fans. Stan Topp Dogg!

Reasons you should stan Topp Dogg

1) They explain to you how to kidnap them
2) Have pillow fights with fans in the streets (x)
3) Literally ship themselves you don’t even need your imagination (pepero game video)
4) Their reactions to getting scared are either violent or adorable (x)
5) They protect a girl who’s in danger of getting hit by a car (hidden cam)
6) Wizard Kingdom (dance line) dance stages slay (Japan Showcase) (Singapore Showcase)
7) Talk Dirty to Me (x) Uptown Funk (x) Happy (x
8) Covers (Some) (Maps) (Eyes, Nose, Lips) (Love Me Like You Do)
9) Rapper line kills it (Peekaboo) (Make It Home) (Pretty Mof#cka)
10) Unique and amazing music concepts like traditional-Korean/modern mix (Arario) classical/modern (Top Dog) and new-jack-swing/modern (Annie)
11) Vocal line knows their stuff (I Know/Keep Smiling) (I Think This Isn’t Right) (Gohn Solo)
12) Such dorks I swear these aren’t even exaggerations (x) (Kidoh Gwiyomi) (Waking Up ToppDogg
13) There’s 12 of them I promise you’ll find one to love!