The PA system chimed once more, the familiar voice coming over the line.

“If you dipfucks thought you were safe after that, y’all got another thing comin’! Ta-da- H-Hey! Off the mic-”

“I’m the one who’s supposed to be revealing these secrets, you little shit! Stop taking my job!” 

“Bossman, you fucker, you said I’d be the one to reveal ‘em on the PA system when we started!!”

“But nothing! You get to do so much shit around here. I still need to do some stuff as well!” 

“Eat an entire bag of- HEY GET OFF-”

There was a crashing noise on the PA system, everything going quiet again before the king of the fog spoke up at last.

“Sorry about that! It seems that I need to teach a certain warden not to overstep his boundaries… anyway, onto the next secret! Luciel abandoned his twin brother to a toxic, abusive household! What a disgrace!” 



The dreaded chime of the announcement. Everyone knew it by now to wait in fearful anticipation. The warden sounded more vindictive than usual, mostly because he was excited to make this one known.

“Alright m’fuckos, it’s been twelve hours. You know what that means~! Ta-daaaaan~! Clive Dove is a fuckin’ mass murderer~! He killed thousands of people on a rampage through London with a mecha of his own design~! Honestly, y’all think you’re good people, with some of the shit we’ve got on ya, that’s a fuckin’ laugh.”


DIY Lace Up Tee Shirt

Girrlscout was inspired by this $108 LF Lace Up Tee, but made her tees for about $15 apiece.

This altered tee does not require a sewing machine, but you will have some minimal sewing to do.

Girrlscout used black trim and eyelets to make her holes for the lace up tee. 

TIP: save yourself so much time and buy “grommet tape” or “eyelet tape” instead - see below.

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Find the tutorial or this DIY Lace Up Tee Shit by Girrlscout here.

EDIT: girrlscout is on also on Tumblr here!