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Valentine's day prompt! Klaus has secretly been sending Caroline Valentine's Day gifts since they were kids because she said once when they were kids no one would send her anything because they're too busy sending Elena gifts and because he's always liked her. Caroline finally finds out in high school and decides to do something special for him!

A/N: Hope you enjoy and get yummy feels. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Her Secret Valentine

For seven years he’d watched her. For seven years he’d loved her. For one day of each of those seven years, he’d leave her a present and watch her face light up. That one day fueled him for the rest of the year.

Klaus was 10 when his parents moved him and his siblings from the UK to Mystic Falls, Virginia, and he hated it. He knew adjusting to a new school in the middle of January would be horrible, and he knew being British in an American school would put him at the center of everyone’s attention, which he hated as the middle child, he’d always been quite invisible and he preferred it that way.

His first day at Mystic Falls Elementary was a blur. All he could remember was walking into the classroom and spotting a blonde girl standing near the desk of a dark-haired girl. As if she felt his eyes on her, the blonde turned to him.

Klaus wasn’t sure if his mind was playing tricks on him or if he’d gone mad, but the moment she turned, the sunlight from the windows intensified and illuminated her from behind. He stood frozen in the doorway as an angel smiled brightly at him. Her hair sparkled gold and her eyes were the brightest blue he’d ever seen.

“Hi,” she said but he stood paralyzed.

She giggled as she slid into her seat beside Elena.

“Class, this is our new student, Niklaus Mikaelson. Go ahead and sit next to Caroline, Niklaus.”

The golden girl, Caroline, smiled brightly at him again and eyed the empty seat next to her.

Every day Klaus would sit next to Caroline and every day she would smile and say hi to him. He, however, was always too shy and barely mumbled a hello back to her.

“Another card?” Caroline asked Elena in disbelief. “That makes 5 Valentines for you!”

“I’m sure you will get one, Caroline,” Elena reassured her, eyes never leaving the card in her hands and a small dreamy smile on her face.

“No, they’re all too busy sending them to you,” Caroline whispered to herself.

Klaus kept his eyes low but he had been listening attentively to their conversation. Chancing a glance at Caroline, he noticed a small tear escape the corner of her eye and slide down her face.

His gut clenched and his throat closed. It was in that moment that he vowed to never see Caroline cry ever again.

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It’s time to launch this year’s Klaroline Valentine’s. The holidays is a month away and I think it’s high time we brought out the romantics in us. Sign up and let us know what you’d be willing to do and what kind of gift you’d like to receive. Take part in this, it’s fun.

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