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Based on those posts about Therapy Humans that float around. IDEK guys this is not my genre.

Star Crossed World

A persistent beeping fills Klaus’ tiny berth, bouncing around the metal walls. Echoing, growing louder, snapping Klaus out of the first stretch of decent sleep he’s managed to get in weeks.

The words that spill from his lips, unintelligible and thick with exhaustion, are not appropriate for company.

Luckily, Klaus has none.

He scrubs a hand over his face, absently wonders when the last time he shaved was. Grooming rather fell to the wayside when you’re only company was a disembodied voice.

The A.I. had come with the ship, an unfailingly cheerful presence that had introduced itself as Josh. Klaus had grown up with various AI’s – his mother preferred them to human servants who tended to be noisy and have an excessive amount of opinions – but they’d always been carefully programmed and unable to speak unless spoken to. Speaking to them was strongly discouraged because, as his parent’s had insisted, it wasn’t as if they were equals.

Josh was far more verbose than any of the AI’s Klaus was accustomed to. He exhibited curiosity about Klaus and where he’d come from. Had even managed to execute some tact, and move on to more general subjects, once his inquiries about Klaus’ well known family had been met with terse replies.

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anonymous asked:

Are there any fics where Caroline has Klaus's child and he doesn't know, but later finds out? Or where Caroline leaves town and Klaus behind, and comes back a few years or months later, and every things changed!

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Hey guys! So we’re doing this event again. Christmas is coming up and we wanted to host an event! A month long event because Christmas is the best time of the year! Anyone can participate in this event by making graphic/gifset and drabbles. Do any or as many days as you would like! Thank you to everyone who end prompts! And big thank you to fanfantasticworld for make this beautiful edit!

Tag all your edits/gifs/drabbles #25daysofklaroline

  1. klaroline + meeting (canon or AU/AH)
  2. klaroline + first kiss
  3. klaroline + secret relationship
  4. klaroline + NOLA
  5. klaroline + endgame (how you hope it will end on TVD/TO)
  6. klaroline + high school
  7. klaroline + college
  8. klaroline + regency
  9. klaroline + any time period
  10. klaroline + royalty
  11. klaroline + smut
  12. klaroline + at the office (basically anything where they have a job together)
  13. klaroline + celebrities (it can be them famous or them being starstruck)
  14. klaroline + mafia
  15. klaroline + fraternity and sorority heads
  16. klaroline + growing up
  17. klaroline + married
  18. klaroline + kids
  19. klaroline + fighting
  20. klaroline + the Mikaelson siblings
  21. klaroline + functions (mystic falls parties, reunions, etc)
  22. klaroline + pranks/dares
  23. klaroline + wooing
  24. klaroline + crossover/fusion
  25. klaroline + christmas

25 Days of Klaroline|Day 3: Secret Relationship

This is a drabble I’ve had for a while, it is Klaroline + Rebenzo secret dating, the two couples end up at the same Inn and well…secret’s out. Inspired by Smallville 9x15. I hope you enjoy, lemme know what you think!

Caroline waltzed around her apartment not even trying to contain the bright smile that was plastered all over her face.

“Alright, I’m staging a class A intervention.” Her roommate Katherine Pierce interjected, trotting into the bedroom and plopping down on her bed, a small tub of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in her hands.

“Oh that’s rich, Kat.” Caroline laughed, “and just what, pray tell, are you intervening for?” She pondered, sitting across from her, tossing the pair of jeans next to her into the suitcase in the middle of the bed.

“You’ve been prancing around the apartment all chipper…and excited.” She complained.

“Well why didn’t you say so, have you called my mom yet? Clearly I need to be handled.” Caroline teased, making hands at the spoon in the brunette’s hand, perking up even more as she forked it over.

“Are you gonna even tell me why you’re so excited?”

“You’ll be happy to know, that Klaus is taking me up to some type of hotel in Upstate.” She revealed excitedly.

Two weeks ago her boyfriend of almost a year had surprised her with reservations to a quaint, and highly recommended place in Upstate, New York. Not that romantic gestures from Klaus were surprising, but she was a bit taken back by the grandness of it. Although she’s surmised it has something to do with deciding to reveal their relationship to his family in the very near future.

If she’s being honest she’s not entirely certain how he’s kept it from his siblings for this long, from the sounds of it, they’re quite the invasive bunch, and he’d been reluctant to expose her.

Elijah and Finn were Corporate for a bank in the Upper West Side, Klaus is a few years in at renowned Architecture firm, and Kol and Rebekah attend Brown, and Columbia—respectively.

Katherine leaned back in surprise, her eyes bearing a mischievous glare.

“I for one am ecstatic to hear that. You can go bother the other guests up there with your bunny activity, instead of me.”

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A ‘lady in the streets, freak in the sheets’ policy with Klaus and Caroline because they are hiding their relationship from their friends since the small town of Mystic Falls is distrusting of Foreign exchange students. Then someone finds out. Please. :))

25 Days of Klaroline - Day 3: Secret Relationship

Klaus watched from afar as Tyler Lockwood sat next to Caroline at the table she was with her friends, saw the warm smile she directed at him and the happy ‘hey!’ that she said.

He knew it happened all the time, that boys just seemed to gravitate to her and that she was just a very polite person – and one that loved teasing way too fucking much – but it didn’t mean he was getting used to it.

Which was why he was at the bar, gulping down whatever source of alcohol Matt had placed in front of him, really. And by the discreet glance she directed at him, she obviously knew that he was jealous, that it was taking everything in him not to go over there and spill their little secret.

Yes, secret relationships weren’t all bad; the risk of being discovered always added a little bit of fun to their rendezvous, however, having to watch as other men hit on Caroline, not being able to tell everyone that she belonged to him and to him only was driving him up the walls.

Fuck Mystic Falls and fuck their hatred towards strangers.

Yes, it was nice they were protective of Caroline, but after they had been seen walking together to school and just talking, Klaus couldn’t even get a cup of coffee without someone threatening him.

In his opinion, she was more than worth it, but she asked him to keep their “relationship or whatever” a secret, because she wanted a chance to be with someone without the entire town – and especially her friends - intruding and giving their opinions. He had agreed to it at first, not seeing the harm, but now he was growing a little impatient and perhaps a little bit insecure. Was she ashamed of him? Klaus wanted to trust her when she promised him that wasn’t the issue, but it was hard at these moments. He wanted to be the one sitting next to her, the one making her laugh, the one wrapping his arms around her should-

Who did that Lockwood boy thought he was? That was just too much.

Screw it.

[K.M. 4:54pm]

Bathroom. Now.

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