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When it comes to shipping, the old adage is true THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS. I have so many ships in my fleet that it can only be called an ARMADA. Some of my pairings may not be conducive to the real world and I’m ok with that. My fictional world and real world are not one in the same and so I have no shame when it comes to my OTPS. When it comes to pairing up my ships, logic takes a backseat and something magical happens that is hard to explain. It happens without warning, taking you by complete surprise. Before you realize it you are in too deep, shipping what you shouldn’t and praying for endgame. Im speaking for myself, but I know the feeling is mutual because we ship…

The couple that in reality should not be together, due to their familiar ties.


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The ship that’s stigmatized because of AGE.


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The ships that bloom from HATE


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Credit to the respected gif makers.

  • Caroline: Don’t panic. You can do this. You’ve been tortured and staked, for heaven’s sake. How difficult could it be to produce the Founder’s Day play?
  • Klaus: Talking to yourself? Not a good sign.
  • Caroline: You were eavesdropping.
  • Klaus: It’s not eavesdropping when one’s talking to one’s self out loud in public.

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Can you please tell me all the anti-klamille fics and drabbles you know of? Like the ones where Caroline makes cami jealous or just any non klamille friendly fics/drabbles please. Merci in advance

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  • *Klaus comes in the door, twirling around to the music Freya had put on. Elijah stares at him*
  • Elijah: What the hell happened to you?
  • Klaus: I really don't know where to start...
  • *recounts night before with Caroline*
  • Elijah: Are you drunk?
  • Klaus: No, are you drunk?
  • Elijah: No. But I have a hangover.

AU meme: KC + Kill Bill


klaroline + bellarke | love is weakness. (dedicated to klarolinecuddling ♥)

25 Days of Klaroline + Celebrities (image not mine)

This is dedicated to the lovely - @katieb373 - for being so sweet and lovely and who recently wrote me a gorgeous Klaroline, celebrity drabble. I love it so I thought this theme was fitting. Hope you enjoy this, luv!

There Must be an Angel (Playing with my Heart)

Klaus’ band are playing the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and Caroline is one of their first time ‘angels’ even though Klaus doesn’t see it that way due to their history.

Lexington Avenue Armory, New York City - November

“Okay that’s it, we’re done,” Klaus yelled, as the music faded. They’d been rehearsing for their performance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show that was being held that night in New York City.

Klaus Mikaelson never considered himself the preppy, fashion show kind of guy. Given his rebellious upbringing, he was more the ripped t-shirt wearing, bar brawl type whose band had been discovered in a grungy pub in London three years earlier catapulting them to international fame practically overnight. Music had been the one constant in his life and he was glad to be able to do what he loved for a living but sometimes the fame part had a tendency to cramp his style. Like today, for example.

To say he’d been reluctant to play at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show was an understatement but his bandmates, manager and publicist had simultaneously insisted. Yes, he understood that it was televised to millions of people worldwide and yes, it would give their band huge and enviable publicity but it wouldn’t be Klaus if he wasn’t being a little difficult. Plus, last time he checked The Originals sound was a lot heavier than Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift and he was worried about selling out to the masses.

It hadn’t taken long for his opinions on the subject to be dismissed. His younger brother and drummer Kol had immediately began drooling at the prospect of performing in the presence of such stunning women clad only in lingerie and obtaining a few phone numbers in the process. Also, his guitarist Enzo was a goner from the outset, not that he should have been surprised, given he was firmly under the thumb of their bossy publicist who also happened to be his sister, Rebekah.

“Do you think we should practice that last bridge again?” Their bass player Matt asked, always the perfectionist.

“It’s fine,” Enzo, replied dismissively. “We really need to go back to the hotel.”

“Wow, is that what happens when you propose?” Kol asked. “You lose all decision making powers in the process.”

“Watch it, little Mikaelson,” Enzo warned.

“Or what?”

“I’ll tell Rebekah on you,” he joked, a knowing grin crossing his features. He’d recently proposed to Rebekah after five years together and his bandmates liked to make fun of him on a regular basis.

“I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy,” Matt said, earning a whack from Enzo for his honesty.

“If you all spent more time working and less talking about me, you would have sold way more albums by now,” she interrupted from stage left.

“Woah, speak of the devil and she doth appear,” Klaus quipped as the publicist in question joined them onstage, dressed immaculately as usual. She frowned in his direction, her brow creasing before poking out her tongue for added effect.

“Nice to see you dressed up for the occasion, Niklaus,” Rebekah drawled, Klaus looked down at his ripped denim jeans and favourite black, Ramones t-shirt in confusion.

“This is one of my best outfits.”

“Define best.”

“I’m in a band Rebekah, it sort of goes with the territory. Anyway, why am I the only one getting such a hard time?”

“Because their clothing is fully in tact,” she shot back, giving Enzo a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, for god’s sake Rebekah, it’s only rehearsal,” he muttered. “Go annoy someone else.”

“Don’t mind him he’s just got his panties in a twist because the newest, blonde angel is somewhere in the building,” Kol joked. “I’m sure he’s been distracted trying to come up with ways to torment her.”

“You promised you would behave Niklaus,” Rebekah chided. Not only was Caroline her childhood best friend but she was also the upcoming model’s publicist. Klaus had tried to tell her it was a conflict of interest but Rebekah was unmoved, unsurprisingly.

“I haven’t done anything. It astounds me that none of you believe I can be professional.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that one before,” she groaned.“You two have been playing pranks on each other since we were in primary school, not to mention the fact you can barely hold a conversation without it descending into a full on argument.”

“Don’t forget that time she switched his salt shaker for sugar at Christmas dinner, I’ll never forget the look on his face,” Kol chuckled. “Or when she replaced your toothpaste for…”

“We don’t need a walk down memory lane, Kol,” Klaus grumbled, knowing that his pranks had been just as effective but they only seemed to recall hers. Some loyal siblings they apparently were. In fact it was exactly like her supposed public angel status given her past, devilish behaviour.

“Maybe if you both used your powers for good and not evil then you could find alternative ways to relieve the tension, if you know what I mean?” Enzo suggested, his eyebrows wiggling suggestively.

Klaus just rolled his eyes in response, he’d never thought about his sister’s best friend in that way given just how infuriating she was. In fact it had taken Klaus five minutes to realise the feisty blonde with the blazing, blue eyes was trouble when she pushed him on the ground age eight. Granted it was a game of kiss-chasey and he had been pursuing her relentlessly but there was no need to be so rough. That experience in itself had made Klaus sure that he didn’t ever want to kiss her.

“That’s my best friend you’re talking about,” Rebekah growled. “If she’s going to get busy with anyone, it’s certainly not going to be with my grouchy, moody brother.”

“Well, I’d have to like her in the first place. Seriously little sister, not if she was the last woman on earth,” Klaus shot back, defensively. “I have no interest in revisiting our past, I’d just prefer to play our set and get the hell out of here and drink some much needed whiskey.”

“Yeah, Klaus is definitely feeling the Victoria Secret spirit,” Matt noted, sarcastically. “To be honest, if he was I’d be a little freaked out given he’s like this pretty much every significant holiday of the year.” Klaus would have argued but it was actually true.

“Glad to hear it,” Rebekah said. “Just no games and promise me no tripping her over on the catwalk, Nik.”

“Way to give him ideas, gorgeous,” Enzo quipped, earning a dirty look from his fiancé. Klaus thought about it for a second and was tempted but he wasn’t that evil, he didn’t think so anyway.

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Caroline + Klaus au: Have you ever imagined all the things we could do together? all these things we could see? Just you and me and the rest of the world for eternity.

“I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life, if you were lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you. Not because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined flaws were arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together.”

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kc + OUAT au (because you love both right?? right!!) where Caroline just came to this club to have fun and this random guy is claiming that she's a princess and they used to be in love in an alternate universe and she's just feeling so personally attacked right now

i’m pretty sure anything ouat related has me written all over it, but like i love this prompt so much. AND IT HAS A ROYALTY!AU background, so i’m quite happy. i so so so so want to write a multi-chapter with this but i have like a bazillion in progress. ugh. problems. anyways, hope you like it! and at least the words are coming to me now.

also, some smut in here so rated m.

ff. ao3.

- shauna! xo

Caroline’s not sure why she let Katherine convince her into going out (on the one night she really needed to revise for her test tomorrow, too). Seriously, why did she let Katherine talk her into coming here again? Even, when it’s clear that the only reason Katherine wanted to go out was so that she could get laid, since she’d been ditched nearly two hours ago.

And Caroline would have left too. If it wasn’t for Bonnie.

But, the girl was going through a break-up and Caroline felt bad if she left.

She’s not sure why, though. Bonnie and Kol have broke up about six times in the last month, and why they were on a break this time, Caroline had no idea. Bonnie had probably told her, and she might not have been listening.

Mainly because of the hot guy staring at her from across the club, who seriously had the bluest pair of eyes she’s ever seen.

But, also partly Bonnie. Because she loved her friend and all that.

Seriously, though. Hot guy had been intently staring her down all night, his eyebrows furrowing, as his eyes narrow, deep in concentration, and honestly, it’s bordering on the edge of uncomfortable. He could come by and say hello, like a normal guy. He realised that, didn’t he?

Caroline sighs, shaking her head, and turns to Bonnie with a bright smile.

“Wanna dance?”

The brunette smiles, and lets out a shaky breath.


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