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New Klaroline Drabble Collections

Since it’s been almost a year and I’m close to posting the very last chapter of 52 Weeks of Klaroline, I’ve decided to start two new drabble series and split them like this:

  • All Roads Lead To You - AU/AH and fusion/crossovers drabbles
  • Eternity Tastes Like Your Blood On My Tongue - with all sorts of canon (but not too much canon, let’s be real), pre/post canon and supernatural AUs in general

I have a few Klarodrabblequest drabbles I haven’t got around to posting on FF/net yet so these will probably go first but then I’m all set to start with the new stuff and work down the list of prompts that I still have lingering in my inbox (I love them all and I haven’t forgotten - I’m just terrible and terribly slow at filling them - sorry!).

I’ll start posting some time in August. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them just as much as I love writing and getting Klaroline together in all the possible scenarios😘😘😘


Klaroline. My heart rate is shot, thank you so much OTP!

This is meant to be a synchronized gifset, so omg please please wait it out and try your best to make sure the gifs all start from their respective beginnings at the same time. Did some tests. I find that letting them load FIRST and then copying and pasting the url in a new WINDOW (not a new tab) in order to view them again never fails :D. On my PC with google chrome at least ;). Ok? So watch it twice for me, you won’t regret it :D mwa!

PS: It breaks after the first round (outer gifs freeze and only the middle one carries on aw ><)

We are the Klaroline Fandom!!!

This is our Queen:

This is our King:

These are some other fangirls:

These are just blips on our radar:

We were all brought together by this AMAZING story, and we aren’t going anywhere. However long it takes.

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