TVD/SPN Crossover AU - Dean is an immortal hunter who has been hunting down Klaus for centuries. They are both caught in a love triangle with one Caroline Forbes, a young girl who had been turned by Klaus in the 1920s. She has since disappeared and her reemergence brings the two rivals back together once again.

“Hello, Dean.”

Dean whips around at the sound of the voice. He’d recognize that cocky British accent anywhere and sure enough there he was. Dean used to know him by the name Nik, but he hears the vampire has been going by Klaus nowadays.

“She’s back, but I’m sure you’ve already noticed. She’s radiant as always isn’t she?”

It’s been a good handful of decades since he saw him last, but it doesn’t matter. They always pick up where they last left off.

“If you go near her, I will rip your heart out.”

Klaus laughs. He’s heard this before. Same old argument, same old threats. The setting is different, but the players remains the same.

“You’ve been trying for the past hundred years. But sure, Dean. Give it another shot.”

A smirk tugs at the corner of Klaus’s mouth. The arrogant, smug look that makes his blood boil.

“It doesn't matter. It won’t change the fact that in the end… she chose me.”