She had us at “I’m stoked to eat cupcakes over business”

Meet Klarika, our new Creative Assistant! You may have seen her at our parties, assisting us as our super intern.  Now that she has graduated, we’re so happy to make her the first official hire of Small Girls PR. 

We’ve always joked that if we ever had a baby, our baby would basically be like Klarika.  Getting an email from Klarika was like a gift brought down from a castle in the clouds by a unicorn travelling to our email accounts via a glittering rainbow.

Klarika is amazeballs- ask anyone who we’ve talked to about her.  She’s whip-it smart, has awesome design and video editing skills, plus has awesome style (inspiring Mallory to start wearing bubble gum pink lipstick and making Bianca mad jeallo that she could pull off a half shaved head like Bianca’s always wanted to try).

YAY Klarika!  Cupcake celebrations 4evr.

(You may also know her as golfcake on tumblr!)

studiomahati.com live now!

role: i do psd to html+css with love in klarika.

What is Studio Mahati ?
Mahati is a multidisciplinary studio. Studio Mahati is all about to make ideas happen, we do the exploration, we execute it and we present you our fresh ideas. Here at Mahati we develop creative ideas by design all your materials to generate a strong and consistent message through multiple mediums. 

We can help you to communicate in new ways and redefine how people perceive your messages. We work simultaneously, synergistically with the client insights, technical requirements and of course aesthetics. We always put the conceptual background and function before the form because we believe that good work, comes from the heart. :)

check us out 

Watch on smallgirls.tumblr.com

Klarika Fact Checks a Tweet with Dunkin Donuts

We take our social media content seriously. The lengths we go to for our tweets…  

Finally getting around to showing this series <3 Handmade embroidery on disposable masks. 

hide me, heal me ~

Model: Klarika K. // MuA: Iliriana Morina // Assistant: Phillipp Kurz

Handmade embroidery on disposible masks.

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